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The Dragon Ball Download

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The Dragon Ball Download

Follows the adventures of an extraordinarily strong young boy named Goku as he searches for the seven dragon balls. These balls, when combined, can grant the owner any one wish he desires. Along the way he makes many new friends, and enemies, and he trains to become the strongest fighter in the world. When the 1st episode of Dragon Ball kicks in, no one would even imagine where this is going to lead. That single episode led to near 500 episodes divided into 3 series, about 20 OAVs, real-life movies (one of them still being produced), hella-long mangas, mass hysteria when it ended, fan fictions all around, rumors about a new series that never arrived, several videogames and gadgets... did I forget something? Probably. Dragon Ball is what brought animes outside of Japan to the mainstream. And it did deservedly, as Dragon Ball, as a whole, is one of the best series ever made.

But let's focus on Dragon Ball, the famous prequel to the even more known Dragon Ball Z. Forget the extreme sci-fi from Z. Forget the huge muscles (well, do not, just imagine them smaller), put in loads of humor, and you get Dragon Ball, the first series. The story is funny, but smart and thrilling, and despite the obvious ending of all the parts, there's still some thrill to be had - mostly with the typical superhero scene where you wonder "How will they get out of this?" even if you know for sure they WILL get out of that. The characters are hilarious, but given the impressive amount of them, you'd better not start loving too many of them, because there could pass dozens of episodes without seeing certain people. This is quite a flaw in the Dragon Ball formula, in fact the power levels of the characters raise so fast that someone who appears to be the strongest person on the world, will be beaten by half of the cast about 50 episodes later.

The drawing style is very typical and good, although sometimes it's a little flawed - nothing bad though. Another flaw is that some sagas inside the story are quite boring - the last episodes are quite a filler that do not inflict the later storyline in any way, so it could have been avoided, and cut at the last fight. Otherwise, Dragon Ball all things considered is epic. You might watch it today and think "What's the fuss all about?" - you might not get it with today's eyes. But believe me, this thing was huge, and I could re-watch it anytime. And it leads to Dragon Ball Z, which is one of the best TV-shows ever made. I managed to finish my Dragon Ball saga, watching all the episodes from the series just a few days ago, seeing them in varying frequency over the last several months.

I think I missed the Dragon Ball generation for a couple of years, and I spent my childhood times watching other, more recent anime series. Notwithstanding, Dragon Ball is a canonical memory for several of my friends, and after years over years of hearing about Goku and Vegeta and company from them, I decided to fill in that gap of collective memory, and started watching Dragon Ball for the first time in my twenties.

Ridden off warm childhood nostalgia towards Dragon Ball, I found the plot of the series to be thin to the limit of reasonability. Dragon Ball is pure afterwork (or afterschool, as it was in most of the cases) escapism, something to see after a hard day's work, to sit on the sofa and switch the mind off and let yourself loose on those martial arts/fantasy fights. Everything in between them is mined with plot holes, brusque changes of pace in the story and pure indifference from the creative team to keep such errors under a minimum of control.

So, what's the secret behind the success of an anime series so blatantly careless about the consistency of its story? I'd say that, even though the plot of Dragon Ball is so limited, the story is aware of those limits, and can even be satirical about its own weaknesses. It's a humble position that is lacking on most of today's top animes, and the great secret behind Dragon Ball's irresistible charm. Just try to name another anime's main villain who is so bad and so amusingly aware of its own maleficence as Piccolo.

And even though we can name all the plot between the fights in Dragon Ball as "fillers", something quickly sketched just to rush the viewers into the next epic battle, I can safely assure you that those same battles are (at least the majority of them) something noteworthy. The come out of each battle and the way they develop follow almost always the rules of predictability, but no one can assert that the animation crew isn't able to create some great action scenes. The way the characters are designed and move around the screen are brimming with adrenaline, and one cannot help but feel fully engaged on the fights.

Another stand out from the series is the character of Goku: his mix of naivety and unbreakable resilience may seem simple on paper, but sure is a winning formula. And as the monkey boy flies over the cities and towns on his magical Nimbus, filling the hearts of its inhabitants with hope in times of despair, you can be sure you'll also feel inspired to always put all of you in everything you do. Dragonball - Evolution was released in 2009, after years of speculation and rumors. It has since been released on home video. Dragon Ball (the original series, not Z or GT) has been released on DVD 3 times.

1) The first release was the Kidmark release, which only covered the first 13 episodes of the series. However, this set was edited, and dub only. It featured the older voice actors who did not participate on later FUNimation dubs/projects/etc.

2) FUNimation released "saga set" DVDs around 2003. These were totally uncut and even featured both dub and sub audio tracks. Unfortunately, they did not release the first 13 episodes due to licensing difficulties.

3) FUNimation released "season sets" (five in all) in 2009-2010. This was the first "complete series" release in America, and featured the entire series in uncut form for the first time. These sets are what I recommend getting. 21st - Goku, Krillin, Jackie Chun (actually Master Roshi in disguise), Bacterian, Ran Fan, Yamcha, Giran, and Nam. Fighters in the preliminaries included fighters from Krillin's old temple. Jackie Chun won this tournament, very narrowly beating Goku.

22nd - Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu, Panput, Man-Wolf, Jackie Chun. Fighters in the preliminaries included King Chappa and Nam. Tien and Goku fought very evenly, though Tien eventually won because Goku got hit by a truck outside the arena at one point during the fight.

23rd - Chi-Chi, Goku, Krillin, Tien, Piccolo Jr., Cyborg Tao, Hero (Kami in a human body), Yamcha. Fighters in the preliminaries included Chiaotzu, King Chappa, and a masked Yajirobe. After a huge epic battle, Goku narrowly won, making this the only tournament Goku ever won!


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