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Man Of The Forest Full Movie In Hindi Download

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Man Of The Forest Full Movie In Hindi Download

Beasley, who is after Gayner's land, plans to kidnap his daughter. But Dale overhears their plan and kidnaps her himself. When Gayner arrives to retrieve his daughter, Beasley kills him and makes the Sheriff arrest Dale for the murder. Yes, those are indeed real African lions playing the part of mountain lions in this western that has a very misleading title. There really is no forest here, although there are a lot of trees. The first "mountain" lion seen is stalking Scott as he prepares to head out of the mountains after having a conversation with landowner Harry Carey over his inability to own land due to a previous incarceration. Carey intends to hand over the deed to his niece (not daughter as the plot description insists) but the nefarious Noah Beery has other plans.

Those other plans don't just include kidnapping the pretty Verna Hillie, but later manhandling her as well, and that totally irks his long-time mistress Blanche Friderici, a widow who has hoped for marriage, but that hope has long been dashed. Scott manages to get Hillie first (Uncle Harry has been brutally murdered), and after convincing her that he's on her side and courting her with some adorable lion cubs, must protect her from the nefarious Beery and his men (which also includes Barton MacLane).

There's a running gag of funny man Vince Barnett trying to "wrastle" an ornery mule. I just wonder why it is that every "B" western must include some buffoon or grizzled side-kick when the plot on its own carries the film well enough. Still, there's enough action and excitement in the hour long running time including trapping the good guys in a burning building, but unpredictability has never been a factor in these low budget oaters, even those made by "A" studios such as Paramount here. After watching and reviewing nearly three hundred Westerns on this forum, it's always a neat surprise to find one with an element or two that I haven't seen before. Not that "Man of the Forest" doesn't have one of the typically standard plots for a 'B' oater, because it does. This is one of those flicks where the evil town boss (Noah Beery Sr.) attempts to steal a rival's ranch out from under his niece who's arriving from back East to help out her uncle. Isn't it interesting that most of the time it's a returning niece or nephew instead of a son or daughter - I wonder why that is? Unless you've seen a bunch of these Thirties and Forties Westerns you might not give it a second thought, but it struck me enough today to comment on it, and believe me, I've seen a few hundred of these.

As for something 'new', the picture catches your interest in the opening scene when it looks like a mountain lion is stalking our hero Brett Dale (Randolph Scott), and attacks him from a rocky ledge. Surprise number one is that after wrestling the animal to a standoff, we find out that it's one of his pet lions. Surprise number two is that the mountain lion from the earlier stock footage is replaced by an African lioness! Not only that, but another lioness portrays the male counterpart! I was looking for a way to pluralize lioness (lionesses, lionii), but I came up empty - neither one sounds like it makes any sense. 'Mike' and 'Bessie' had a trio of cubs that looked as cute as all get out, and I think they helped in some small degree to win pretty Alice Gaynor (Verna Hillie) over to Brett Dale's side.

Before that happened though, Scott's character had to rescue Miss Alice from an attempted kidnapping by Clint Beasley's (Beery) henchmen. This is the second time now that I've seen a Western hero spank an uncooperative female in what many would consider to be a politically incorrect scenario (the other was Gene Autry putting Barbara Pepper over his knee in 1935's "Sagebrush Troubadour").

For Western fans, this one is a veritable treasure trove of familiar character actors of the era. Besides Beery, you have appearances by Harry Carey Sr., Barton MacLane, Buster Crabbe, and a slap dash comedy duo consisting of Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams and Vince Barnett. The pair get some mileage out of an ornery mule, and have a stake in making the save for Brett Dale in the finale.

Even though the picture is fairly run of the mill story-wise, I'd recommend it for a chance to see Randolph Scott in an early starring role. Interestingly, both Scott and director Henry Hathaway worked together on another Zane Grey based vehicle, "Heritage of the Desert" in 1932. It was Scott's first lead role and Hathaway's first directorial effort. It also had Big Boy Williams in the cast!


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