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Hindi 24: Legacy Free Download

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Hindi 24: Legacy Free Download

A military hero who returns to the U.S. with a whole lot of trouble following him back. With nowhere else to turn, the man asks CTU to help him save his life while also stopping one of the largest-scale terror attacks on American soil. After leading a mission to eliminate terrorist leader Ibrahim Bin-Khalid, Eric Carter returns to the U.S. and finds out that he and his squad mates are targeted for assassination in retaliation for Bin-Khalid's death. With nowhere else to turn, Carter asks CTU to help him save his life while also stopping one of the largest-scale terror attacks on American soil. Personally, I like this show. I never saw the original 24 series so I am not comparing it with that. For me, it stands in its own right alongside other titles offered to on-demand television consumers of today.

The show is entertaining on many levels. The look and sound of it are great. The split screen format as well the action and audio effects really work to get full utility out of your HD and surround sound investments at home.

The cast of the show is very attractive too. Hardly any of the characters are blond. It is refreshing to see a breakaway from the central white hero and the black police chief formula. The representation of multi- ethnic, multicultural America in all roles across a show of this genre alone, makes it interesting viewing.

The story line is suspenseful and is suitably ludicrous for 45 minutes of escapism. It focuses on terrorism which is topical for modern audiences. The characters are relatable yet fanciful. There are no embarrassing sexobatic scenes and the blood looks enough like ketchup not to be too gruesome.

The show feels up to date and has all the ingredients of good family entertainment for teens and above. I am from India and 24 was the first television series I started watching. It was a hell of a ride. But this one.....I couldn't stand the first 15 minutes! It was utterly ridiculous and exasperating. As pointed out by many, this is more of a left-liberalist diversity propaganda rather than an engrossing thriller series. I am not white and even I can make out that they are trying to unnecesarily portray white people in a negative light, especially males. They should understand that Keifer Stherland wasn't successful because he was white. It was because he looked the part of a CTU agent to the T. The temperament he displayed convinced viewers that this is a man who'll break the rules if it gets the job done. This legacy stuff is non-sense. I wasn't able to make out whether they rebooted 24 or parodied it. This is SAD! They absolutely ruined it!


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