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The Losers 720p Torrent

A CIA special forces team are betrayed and left for dead by their superiors, galvanizing them to mount an offensive on the CIA. Clay, Jensen, Pooch, and Roque are part of United States Special Forces Unit. They are deployed to a mission in Bolivia involving a drug lord, they end up disobeying orders and rescuing children. Their enraged boss, codenamed Max, orders them dead, but they survive, and end up doing small-time jobs. Then Aisha enters their lives, smuggles them back to the States on the condition that they kill Max. The group will soon realize that she has inducted them on a suicide mission - a mission which will take them to Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and to Mumbai, India; and come in possession of a mysterious encrypted hard-drive while not only facing betrayal from one of their own but also certain and violent death at the hands of Max. A group of elite soldiers are betrayed and seek revenge through a supposedly rogue CIA agent. In all honestly, this is not going to become a classic action movie, nor it is a hilarious comedy or a dramatic masterpiece, it's a mediocre action film with one dimensional characters who don't add much to the story.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has come a long way since playing 'John Winchester from Supernatural', he takes on the role of the lieutenant and gives a satisfactory performance, while Idris Elba is fine as the hot-head...The rest of the cast are okay, Evans is a little annoying, it worked in Fantastic Four when he played Human Torch, but his constant sarcasm is boring.

Something to pass the time. The Losers is a film about a group of specially trained soldiers known as "The Losers," who basically deal with some of the toughest assignments the government has to offer, but when the group is framed and left for dead, they have to fight to get their lives back and stop an evil mastermind from creating a new world war.

Directed by Sylvain White, this action-packed movie is full of funny one-liners, intense gun-fights and good acting for a straight-up action movie. From a script co-penned by Peter Berg, you know from the get-go that it'll be a fun ride (he previously did Hancock and The Kingdom). Jeffery Dean Morgan was fantastic as the typical action hero in the role of Clay, the leader of The Losers. Idris Elba was great as Roque, the closest friend Clay has ever had, and he acts his role with commitment and style. Chris Evans was hilarious as Jensen, the communications operator and field operative who makes noise when they need it; he creates all the great laughs. Columbus Short and Oscar Jaenada were great in their roles as well; Pooch, the driver, and Cougar, the long-range assassin who is better with a sniper than a conversation. And then there's Zoe Saldana as the absolutely beautiful eye-candy Aisha, the ex-CIA operative who is helping The Losers take down Max (played by Jason Patric), the evil mastermind; she has great, sexy take-down moments during the action sequences. The visuals were good, nothing spectacular except for one scene half-way through the film (if you've seen it, you know). The inclusion of some classic songs and tunes helped keep a fun, action-filled atmosphere when nothing serious was happening.

All-in-all, The Losers is a fun thrill ride that has plenty of action and comedy to keep moviegoers interested and wanting more. My only concern is they make a sequel; the ending sets that up perfectly.

8/10 Stars*** The Losers is the ultimate example, scraped from the bottom of the comic-book barrel, where writer Andy Diggle’s figurine-like characters first had their exploits in an exciting War on Terror. It's called 'U.R.A. Fever' by The Kills. The rest of the songs and their corresponding scenes can be foundhere.


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