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How to Get Press Releases Read

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If you want to make money online, one of the easiest methods is to use press release distribution services to generate traffic and send business your way. The press release traffic you get with this method is minimal and almost non-existent if it isn't done correctly. And has always been, since press release distribution services have virtually no value in the search engine rankings. Press Release Distribution Services is expensive and rarely produces any ROI.

This is a big problem, because most journalists will not publish press releases that they don't have direct contact with the owners of the news agencies that they are working for. Most journalists are freelancers, which means they get paid based on the number of stories they write. They don't care if they get the story by email or by newspaper. They don't care if their employer is Bluegrass or Penthouse. All they care about is getting the story out there.

But the truth is, that very few small businesses have reporters that are personally associated with their employers. So, the only way that a press release distribution service can really help you is by giving you direct contact with your employees. This means that you can have someone from your payroll department write the stories, or from the human resources department, or from the marketing department. And, if you hire a reputable and reliable press release distribution services, you can get emails sent out quickly. These services will also take care of the distribution of your press releases to local news outlets.

A problem that I see all the time is that most small business owners try to pitch their product or service to journalists without spending the time to establish a relationship first. They send out one press release to a handful of journalists - maybe even a handful of national journalists - and then give up because they can't get any coverage. The truth is that journalists are interested in your business because they sell it. So, your goal from the very beginning is to establish a relationship with the press and showcase your products or services. But how do you find out whether your prospective journalist has even covered your industry before?

Your best bet is to ask your potential freelance press release reporter to provide you with samples of any press releases that they have written. You should also make sure that your prospective freelance press release reporters have experience in your industry. Perhaps a former colleague or an acquaintance who is currently covering your industry should offer to write the press releases for you. This will save you a lot of time and make your transition to freelancing much easier.

Once you have established a relationship with one or more news reporters, another thing you need to do is find a good resource directory. There are several good business directories on the Internet. Some are free; others require a small monthly fee. Your best bet is to find a directory that offers both standard distribution and an online submission option, so that you have an option if you decide to use press release distribution services instead.

Now you're ready to send your first press release, but you still have a few hurdles to cross. First, you must convince the reporters to write a positive story about your product or service. Once they agree to do so, you will need to convince them that your product or service is worth reporting on. For example, if you are running a blog post about houseplants, you cannot mention houseplants-only orchids-only in the blog post, because even if there was a chance that some homeowners would be interested in purchasing a houseplant to replace a dead one, it's not likely that they'll buy houseplants.

To get your first press releases picked up by journalists, you will have to use several different techniques. The most important of these techniques is keyword research. Find out which keywords your potential reporters are using when searching for information on the Internet. There are also free online tools to help you research your chosen keywords. You will want to use these keywords several times in each blog post, press release, and the web page to increase the chances of one of these stories being published. In addition, to make your press releases more attractive to reporters, include some helpful tips along with the article, such as a money saving tip, a recipe, or an information about a specific product.


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