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Challenges Writers Face When Participating In A Writing Contest

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If you want to participate in writing contests you will come across hundreds of writing contests online. The challenge there is not in finding a writing contest but the challenges arise after you sign up for the contest. Here are a few such challenges that you may want to pay attention to so that you are better prepared for the contest.


When you want to participate in a contest you would have signed up in some free writing contests but just because it is a free contest, you cannot take it lightly if you want to win the contest. You need to get ready immediately after signing up so that you will have something that is worthwhile submitting. Many people participate in these contests and only when your work is of good quality you can expect to win the contest.


Writing is not a mechanical task and you need to be in an inspired state because without being in an inspired state you cannot produce even a single line of decent content. This is going to be the most challenging phase of participating in the writing contest. You need to expose yourself to highly inspiring environment. For some people, reading other inspirational writers will trigger the process and for others they need to shut themselves indoors staying alone. Depending on how things work for you, choose what works and get started with your writing contest submission work.


The second challenge is in managing one’s time. Not everyone that participates in the writing contest will be a professional writer. Many of these contestants will be writers at a hobby level. This would mean that one would be having a regular 9 to 5 job or running a business that takes their time. You need to find time to write for the contest. You cannot keep procrastinating the work. If you procrastinate then you will put yourself to last minute tensions. Therefore you will have to work in a disciplined way to complete your work in a timely fashion.


As soon as you sign up, you should first chart out a timetable for yourself. Decide on a date by which you would finalize your content idea for the contest submission. You should also set a deadline for yourself for the completion of the first draft. There should be enough time between the first draft and the final submission date so that you will have time to review and revise or modify your work. If you do not have such deadlines for yourself, you are likely to wait until the last minute to create some sloppy work for the submission.


Above all you make sure that you select the most dependable platform for your writing contests. Many organizers conduct writing contests but not all of them offer the writers equally good experience. You will be able to assure yourself good experience by carefully selecting your contests. Look for contests that give you enough time for the preparations.


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