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What are the secrets of Poetry Competitions? 

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To grow as a writer, you need an effective strategy to set your targets. Achieving the targets is proof that you are growing in poetry. Contests allow poets to set higher targets, which will build their careers. Winning the competition will not only polish your skills. It will develop your self-esteem too. Listed below are the tips to gain the most of any poetry contest.

Favorite Contest 

When searching for a contest, you will realize they are many. Thus, you need enough time to pick the perfect one. During the search, read the poems of previous winners. That will reveal if the contest is competitive or not. If you are interested in growth as a poet than winning, opt for free poetry contests that attract the best contestants. You will learn more from such competitions.

Read Rules Twice 

Develop a culture of reading rules to the point of understanding before writing the poem. Some writers will draft the poem before reading the rules. Thus, their poem will break every rule. This mistake will cause the poet’s work to be disqualified. Apart from that, each contest is unique. Do not assume their instructions are the same. Before submitting the poem, ensure it complies with the rules.

Send One Poem

Many poets attempt to boost their winning chances by submitting more than one poem. You will need more time to create and edit many poems. The poets who use this strategy never win because their work will not be polished. To grasp the attention of judges in the free poetry competitions, draft one poem and take time to polish it. By spending more time on it, the poem will be the best.

Make it Professional 

Judges have a lot of work when assessing poems. In many cases, they will have thousands of entries to examine. Hence, they will not appreciate it if you make their work harder. If your poem is hard to read, the judges will throw it aside. Give your poem a professional outlook by typing it in a friendly font preferably Times New Roman or Arial. To make words conspicuous, use 12pt or 14pt.

Beat the Deadline 

Contestants who submit their poems after the deadline will not enter the free poetry contests. The judges will lock them out of the competition irrespective of the quality of their poems. Contests have a specific closing date and time. To be on the safe side, submit your poem early. That will give it time to arrive before the deadline even if you face computer problems or any other hiccups.

Many contests 

After submitting your work on one contest, do not torture yourself by waiting for judges to announce the winners. Immediately, look for another competition and join. Pinning your hopes on one competition will only lead to anxiety. It can lead to devastating effects, especially if you fail to win. Avoid raising your hopes on one contest by making it a habit to compete.

The Audience 

Before joining the free poetry competitions, check the type of audience it attracts. An exceptional contest will attract renowned poets, publishers, and a large audience. That will allow you to rub shoulders with people who can assist in building poetry careers. If you win in such contests, your career and life are likely to change for the better.


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