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Islam as the true religion and its five pillars

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Islam is the religion that means peace, tolerance and submission in front of Allah. Islam has clearly declared with facts and figures that only Allah is the Creator of this universe and none is equal to Him. Based upon all the facts and figures and all the teachings of Islam, it has been declared as the true religion. The whole strong building of Islam stands on five basic pillars. These pillars are Kalma Shahadah, Namaz, Roza, Zakat and Hajj.

Teachings of Prophet Muhammad:

Allah sent Prophets for the guidance of people and all of them guided properly for an interval of time but Holy Prophet is the last Prophet of Allah. He delivered message of Allah to the people and preached religion Islam. He delivered message in a good way and was well-wisher of humanity. He acted upon whole Quran and left his Sunnah for Muslims. Muslims can easily seek guidance from the teachings of Holy Prophet.

Religion Islam as only the religion of success in all the worlds:

Religion Islam is considered as the only religion for success in front of Allah, in front of His Rasool, in this world and the world hereafter. No other religion can be accepted without Islam. Allah completed it and chose it as the religion for Muslims. He chose His best and beloved Prophet for the teachings of Islam. Muslims act upon his Sunnah and also visit the sites where Holy Prophet spent the days of his life through cheap Umrah packages Manchester and through packages of Hajj.

No other religion is acceptable:

Only religion Islam is considered as the real and true religion. Allah chose it Himself and also has sent guidance in the form of Quran and Hadith. Muhammad also said that religion of Prophet Musa, Prophet Jesus and all other religions are unacceptable from now onward. Only Islam is the true religion and life after here will be decided by the laws of Islam. Those who worship Allah and obey His orders, will enter Jannah.

Five pillars of Islam and their fulfillment:

There are only five pillars of Islam that have been discussed above. Fulfillment of these five pillars is compulsory for all Muslims. Once a person enters the circle of Islam by reciting Kalma Shahadah, all other basic worships become compulsory for him.

Kalma Shahadah:

It is the criteria to enter the circle of Islam. Following worships become compulsory after reciting Kalmah Shahadah.


The most important worship in Islam and the most important pillar of Islam is prayer. Muslims must offer prayer five times a day as it is Fardh.


Allah has ordered many times in Quran to give Zakat to poor people because Zakat makes poor people able to celebrate happiness and to live with equality.


Roza is also compulsory during whole month of Ramadan. Allah likes all those who observe fasts and will also reward them by His own.


It is the last pillar of Islam that is performed in the sacred sites and requires journey. It provides rid from all kinds of sins.


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