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Grooming is necessary part of every pet’s life. If a human being wants to stay clean and tide then why not pets?  Yes, even pet can be keep well-groomed by giving bath, brushing, using good shampoos, clippers –trimmers and with many more accessories which keep them clean and tidy. Many pet parent book grooming appointment for their pets, but obvious with those grooming appointments we should also make sure that our pet is clean and well groom at home also. Suppose if your pet grooming appointment is fixed after two-three weeks then try to groom your pets at home only. It’s not that much, for that we have so many good products.

Let us know some grooming tips which can done at home:

  1. Brushing:

Brushing is the very effective and yes easiest grooming technique which anyone can do. Regularly brushing your dog will remove dirt, dust, mats, and tangles and stimulate hair follicles also. It stimulates the oil distribution and blood circulation too. It keeps your pet’s coat healthy and shiny. There are different types of combs and brushes, for different types of coat.


                Trixie, Germany brush with natural bristles

        Andis USA andis blade brush for pet hair clippers & trimmers


2.      Nail trimming:

Trimming nails of pets is an essential part of dog grooming, and trim nails are a clear result and signs of the good health and hygiene of your dog. It is not that much hard. If you have good products and know the procedure properly it is very easy. You should trim your dog nails weekly. Some dogs nails grow rapidly. For nail trimming you can you these products:


Trixie, Germany dog/cat nail clipper

Andis Premium Pet Nail Clipper Small, Black


Clean your pets ears at least once in a month as it is very necessary part. Because if the ear is not clean and the dirt which is inside will leads to infection which will dangerous for your dogs health and hygiene. So we all know precaution is better than cure.


  1. Bathing:

Bathing is also necessary. Bathing can keep your pet healthy and hygienic. It also plays an important role in cleanliness. It keeps your dog out of dirt, tangles, mats and many more dust. You should give your pet bath once in a week. We have good bathing shampoo and products


Forbis Mild Olive Shampoo For Dogs, 4L



              Forbis Long Coat Aloe Dog Shampoo, 4L:


           Tropiclean Natural Flea & Tick Shampoo Plus Soothing For Dogs, 3.8L:


For more such tips and tricks visit




Yes appointments take time, but don’t waste your time by waiting for them. Keep your dog clean and hygienic by sitting at home. It’s easy be patient and calm. Treat your pets well give them treats, praise them and definitely they will obey you as you want. Be a good pet parent.


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