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Online Learning Platforms: The Education Show-Stopper


Online learning platforms that have cropped up in the recent past have taken the shine away from the existing classroom teaching platforms. Online learning platforms have successfully emerged as an education industry show-stopper. These courses have played a significant role in helping fresh graduates develop a sound understanding of corporate jobs and their roles, and assist working executives move upwards in the corporate juncture through online Executive Development Programs.


The education sector has completely transformed with E-learning platforms turning mainstream in the industry. Be it a career change, enrolling for different courses from management to online analytics courses and upskilling, all is possible today through the plethora of online courses. Such has been the rise of online learning paradigms, that the innovations and evolutions have made online courses more knowledgeable and appealing. The changing trends have been the driving force behind the success of the online education industry.


Trends Influencing Online Learning Platforms


As with any industry, wherein the trends and the changing dynamics are the key ingredients for new practices, the online education industry is no different. Here’s a list of the trends that influence the online learning platforms today:-



The introduction of virtual learning environments such as Blackboard, Canvas and Renweb offer an extension to both classroom learning and administration protocols of a physical school. With these virtual dimensions, students can access online material, lectures, assessments and get personalised emails all though their accounts.



Micro-learning also referred to as mobile learning allows the online content to be delivered in short packets of information. The content can be anything from images, quizzes, text, audio, video, and games that help understand concepts and techniques with ease. The content is then collaborated in a short course to provide useful learning resources to students and professionals.



Collaborative learning involves a specific group of individuals for learning methodologies and tools for completing tasks. The collaborative learning platform optimises the teachings from the executive development courses to provide real-world applications of theoretical knowledge. This grouped learning is goal-specific to assist the professionals with practical implementations of the concepts.



The world is going gung-ho about the 5G technology and its ability to change the future. 5G in association with the Internet of Things (IoT) can assist with automation of services, fastened results for the internet searches and more personalised content on consumer’s smartphones. The video-based learning can benefit a lot with 5G practices by seeing concepts in 3D with live simulations.


E-Learning Trends, Inspiring Lives


The E-learning trends are key drivers of change and manifest innovations in the education sector today. Today, an individual can learn from the best universities almost about anything from courses in machine learning to Online Analytics Courses just by logging on to their personalised E-learning portals. The future of learning is online learning and it is here to stay!




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