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100mW 650nm Red Laser Diode Module Review

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In any type of highly clear and quick dot alignment onto various working surfaces, not simply relying on a simple red laser pointer or other manual dot projecting tool, it would be much better experience to make use of a 100mW 650nm red laser diode module. It is emitting moderate brightness red laser beam from 650nm red laser diode. Not workable at all to rely on manual labor force input, this red dot laser makes good use of cooling system and continuous electric power source from DC power supply, it just achieves superior nice thermal emitting and increasing stability red dot alignment in continuous use.
This 100mW 650nm red laser diode module is in need to make continuous dot indication, but not simply used for temporary dot positioning work as a red laser pointer. It is adopting an external AC/DC adapter as electric power source. Accepting wide range electric current of 100V to 240V, after correct use of 9V 1000mA DC power supply, this high power red dot laser is just keeping work with highly visible red laser beam at several miles, but also projecting highly clear red dot indication as long as 25 meters and other formal lighting occasions etc. For the most important of all, within the maximum installed distance of 3 meters, noncontact red alignment laser dot is easy to reach any working surface, but also keeping highly stable red dot indication under increasing temperature and serious electric current impact as well.
According to the use of import 650nm red laser diode, after special configuration with glass coated lens, 100mW 650nm red laser diode module is workable with high transmittance red laser beam, and extremely clear red dot indication, without any appearance of laser light decay or dim in continuous use. It is adopting 26mm diameter aluminum alloy housing tube, in continuous red laser dot alignment, it is not only performing with good thermal emitting, but also achieving highly stable red dot measurement under any mechanical moving or shocking at all.
Whatever kind of working surface it is pointing, after the use of laser alignment mounting bracket, 100mW 650nm red laser diode module makes sure of even more convenient installation and operation. It is operating without any affect by long distance, high height and other complex working environments etc. This industrial alignment laser enables quite easy screw of adjustable focus optic lens, after immediate red laser light concentration, it just assures the most precise dot alignment at long distance. At the same time, after high attention to thermal energy hurt to eyes and proper wearing of laser safety goggles, this high power red dot laser makes sure of safe and no track dot measurement for all occasions.


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