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3 crucial tips you should always consider when scouting for a poet to collaborate with in a poetry competition

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Writing is a favourite pastime activity for many across the world. Different people have discovered the art of writing and fallen in love with it. Through the years, the art of writing has seriously evolved and what was once just a way of relaying information to the general public has now become a huge multi-faceted industry in the society. There are people who have mastered the art of writing poems and others have learned how to write plays. Nowadays, there are even poetry competitions which accept submissions from both seasoned and novice writers. If you are looking for someone to collaborate with in a poetry competition, here are some features you should consider:

1. What type of poetry do they write?

Before you can even think of collaborating with anyone to form a team, you need to make sure that you have an idea of what the individual does. Have they participated in poetry contests in the past? If they have some experience in participating in poetry contests in the past, then this is a good indication that they will be a good match for the competition. In addition, if he or she has had their work published before, then this is another sign that they will be a valuable partner to have. Other than that, they should also specialize in the genre of poetry that the competition requires.

2. How long have they been writing poetry?

It is important for you to remember that if you are bringing someone to help you win poetry competitions, then you definitely need to choose the correct team member. Bring in someone who has more knowledge to offer since this will ensure that the quality of work will be excellent. If you choose a partner who is inexperienced, then you will not like the end results. Clearly, this means that you need to find out how long your prospective partner has been writing poetry? If they have been in the craft for a long time, then this is a good indicator that they will be a highly valuable addition to your team.

3. What is the remuneration?

The one thing you shouldn’t overlook is the terms and conditions of remuneration to be agreed upon. Are they offering their services for free or are they expecting some form of payment in return? How much will you need to set aside so that you can be able to afford their services? Such questions are necessary so that you get to know whether you have found a suitable partner or not. If you are going to pay him or her for the poetry guidance they provide, then you need to make sure that it’s a price you can afford. As you analyse this, you can also look at the strategies he or she intends to use to help you win the poetry contests. Always ensure that the strategies he or she wants you to use are acceptable with the rules of the competition.


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