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5 Things to Know About Delhi NCR Nursery School Admissions

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As we are nearing another year-end, schools all around are gearing up to re-open for the new school year. But due to the Covid situation, there is no clear signal of resuming normal classes. Although the kids are far from attaining classes offline, it is time for the four-year-olds to get


Enrolled in their first school year.

New admissions are always are a great deal for parents. There are a host of schools to choose from and we always take up a lot of time because choosing a perfect school for our kid. Due to the Covid-19 situation, almost every normal routine has undergone a huge change.

Be it commencing classes online, or taking part in meetings from the comfort of our homes, we have done it all differently than we were already used to doing. Needless to say, the admissions this year are also going to be a different procedure than it was earlier made out to be.

Here’s a little help for the parents here at Delhi NCR. We have compiled everything that you


Need to know regarding Delhi NCR nursery school admissions.

1. Admission seats to the nursery classes

According to reports, schools in Delhi NCR are facing a Need v/s Availability situation. Around 1250 private schools in Delhi NCR are equipped with more 1.4 lakh nursery class seats. But the number of students awaiting admission into the nursery class exceeds more 1.7 lakh. In this situation, the most prevalent way out is the Point System introduced back in 2007. But this system can be chaotic if implemented without a proper enforcement directive.

2. Second shift as an option

Although the Point System seems to be a good way out of the seat availability chaos, one cannot help but wonder regarding the other options available to ensure a smooth admission. A recent ruling has made it possible for private schools to hold classes in two shifts. That seems like a good idea for sure, and will also double the number of seats available in a school. The only problem that remains here is the limitation of teachers. They can’t have the same teachers teaching in both the shifts, and neither can the students be transferred between shifts. However, the schools are yet to speak on whether they are implementing this initiative or not.

3. Age limit for admission

Back in 2012, the Delhi School Education Advisory Board (DSEAB) had made a ruling regarding the minimum age of a child to be admitted into the nursery class. The minimum age limit, according to the ruling by DSEAB, is 3. The child seeking admission should have completed his 3rd year before or by 30th March of the academic year that he is seeking admission in. As of yet, there is no upper age limit for getting admitted to the nursery class.

4. About the Point System

As stated above, the Point System is the most probable solution to tackling the problem of availability of seats. Brought into existence by the DSEAB in 2007, the Point System allots seats to the applicants by paying weightage to the distance between the school and the applicants’ home, known as the ’neighborhood criteria’. There are also several other criteria to ensure admission through the Point System like ‘alumni’, ‘sibling’ and ‘single parent’ (also including ‘widows’ under the same criteria). This year orphan’ criteria might also be introduced in the same. But many schools have allegedly jinxed the Point System according to their own convenience. This has led to heavy criticism of the System by many parents.

5. Availability and access to forms

"Online or offline?" is the most common question that we have been hearing this year. So when it comes to the admission process, this question is quite likely to come up. Many of the schools are already giving out admission forms, both online and offline. These forms are easily available on the official sites of the schools.

You can know more about the same through the Ezyschooling website. A host of your other admission queries are already available on the Ezyschooling site. Ezyschooling offers you easy access to all the schools in Delhi NCR. Using our website, you can easily navigate through different schools from one site. You also gain access to fee criteria and can contact the school authorities from the same site.

Ezyschooling also allows you to fill admission forms and apply for admission to the school of your choice, all from one place.


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