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Top 5 reasons to keep your dog well-groomed!

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Grooming your pet might be the uphill struggle every pet parent will face. Even if it is difficult, it has to be done regularly. Grooming plays a significant role in their health and well — being. The frequency of grooming depends on the coat type. Here are the major reasons to keep your dog well-groomed. 

Tick and Fleas -

Ticks and fleas are any pet parent's nightmare. Regular inspection of your pet's coat helps you to keep a check on tick and fleas. The sooner you notice them, the faster you can get a hold of them.

De-shedding and coat care -

We know that some dog breeds shed a lot. They need frequent grooming. Regularly brushing the coats of heavily shedding dogs helps prevent de-shedding them all over your apartment. All you need is a perfect de-shedding tool. Andis fine-tooth Premium de-shedding knows the expert De-shedding.

Along with de-shedding, your dog's coat needs thorough care for boosting blood circulation, a shiny and healthy dirt-free coat with a fresh smell. The dog coat also has to be matt and tangle-free, as they can grow into heavy bulk if not brushed regularly.

Paw and nail care -

Every breed of dog needs paw and nail care. We all know that paws are the entry point of bacteria. Regularly grooming and disinfecting paws is a necessary grooming chore. The nails need frequent cleaning and trimming.

Ear and eyes care -

More than the looks any dog needs to be kept far from the discomforts. Overgrown hair near the eyes or inside the ears can discomfort dogs. We should trim this hair before they cause discomfort to them. Ear and eyes can be a spot of debris and dirt. To clean ear debris and dirt you can use ear wash. Whereas we can clean their eyes with a wet, soft towel. Tropi clean ear wash is safe and effective for ear cleaning.

Love bond -

Fur babies are not less than human babies. The love and attention we give to human babies. The same amount of love and affection even pets need. Bathing, brushing, and cleaning them is nothing but pampering and showing your affection towards them. The more quality time you spend with them, the more you develop the feeling of trust and love for yourself in their heart.

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