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What Are the Legislations Surroundings Online Cash Games in India?

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Can you bet online safely with real money? The short answer is yes. However, there is also a much longer answer that delves into the rules that govern such acts.

Online gaming has turned into a bold and lucrative field in the past few years. With the advent of multiplayer games, a forever-present internet service, and connectivity, more and more people are login in every year to earn cash online. Today, anyone can play online roulette for real money in India. The laws and regulations surrounding such acts have changed. According to a Supreme Court ruling, several such games are now governed under The Public Gambling Act, of 1867.

To understand the rules, we first need to understand the meaning of two terms that are used frequently when online cash games in India are discussed. If you're looking for the best legal betting sites in India, it would be great if you look at the following discussion on Indian legislation governing such sites.

Game of Chance - As the name suggests, this refers to games where there is little to no user input and the outcome is highly based on chance and luck. It can refer to things like the lottery where the client has no expertise to use whatsoever.

Game of Skills - While none of these terms are defined in the manifesto, both of them are quite clear within themselves. A game of skills is one that requires precision, practice and acquiring skills.

● While the Supreme Court might have let out the manifesto, many States have their own laws and thus allow online games within restrictions. The main concern of governing bodies in the case of betting sites is that they might be used for money laundering. Hence, bookmakers are illegal. However, individual customers can place a bet, since no law forbids the same.

● Also, there are no specific laws governing whether an individual can place a bet with a bookmaker located outside of India. In fact, some of the largest betting agencies in the world located in Europe have a huge base in India. There does not exist any law to prosecute them for the same.

● In case of investing in an online casino in Indian rupees, if the website is hosted by a third party of by someone based out of India, again there is no specific way or law for the prosecution of the same. This is, of course, provided the laws of the country where it is hosted, allows online gambling freely. Thus, websites like Leovegas in India are foolproof.

● Some states in India like Sikkim and Nagaland have introduced new laws that allow betting on the provision of a license. They even allow betting on sports. This allows the Government to regulate the transactions and prevent money laundering. Even Telangana is considering such a scheme. This makes the venture totally safe and lawful.

Online Gaming has turned into a lucrative money-making field. The use of VPNs, third party websites, etc., makes tracking casinos across an online medium a difficult and daunting task. However, with the change in laws as seen in some states, it will soon draw in an even larger crowd. Visit here to know about online cash games in India.


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