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FIFA 21 tips and tricks

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FIFA 21 is out now and you need to be prepared for what comes in your way. Although the newest entry doesn't add many major additions to the franchise, changes to existing modes require you to adjust the way you play. Just like every goal, you have in real life, becoming a virtual soccer professional player doesn't happen overnight. You need to be persistent and keep practicing, and with enough acknowledge you will achieve the goal you desire.  No matter how you play FIFA 21, this guide will help you in your quest to raise the Champions League trophy or grow youth players so they can become the next Cristiano Ronaldo.

Master Career Mode's

In the past FIFA series, you were restricted to train five youth players at a time and hoping that they don't fail drills when you simulate through them. But in FIFA 21, youth development is dependent upon the player form and the growth plan you choose and one of the greatest ways to improve form is by giving youth players minutes in games even if it takes much more time. One of the other ways is choosing the correct plan for each player which will ensure they improve in the correct areas for their position and style of play. 

 By default, each player is set to "Balanced," which spreads the points evenly across the most traits without focusing heavily on one area. Keeping your players on Balanced is the easiest way. One way of knowing what plan is best is by looking at the ETA in the top-left corner that shows when the player's overall ranking will go up. Once you've chosen a plan, it's mostly set-it-and-forget-it -- the player will grow in the background throughout the year.

Shaping Players into Superstars

In FIFA 21, you can change a player's position by adjusting their training plan but you need to be careful about doing this because adjusting a player's position can cause that player to focus on areas where they struggle and ignoring what they're best at. For example, if I want Erling Braut Håland to be a left-back, his blossoming shooting abilities would be abandoned while his rock-bottom defending skills would take ages to get up to a sufficient level. So if you want to change a player's position, think about moving them to adjacent roles.

Training Drills

FIFA 21 new training system can keep you busy even it's not a match day but you can decide whether to train, rest, or recover on off days. Depending on your team's fitness level, it might be okay to take a few more days off. The important part of training drills is to understanding some ground rules. First, your team will be split into three groups, each of which runs its own drill. Second, these drills need to be manually completed before you start simulating. Third, the simulated grade will match the highest rating you received when playing the mini-games on your own. Fourth, The group of players will fail when you simulate if you have not completed a drill before simulating. Fifth, If that group of players fails, they receive the fewest amount of sharpness points while losing the most fitness. To sum up, it makes sense to complete each drill before simulating. 

Don't Buy FUT 21 Packs

Your odds of scoring big from a Gold Pack purchased with real money are low. Of course, you can always try and buy these packs, but we recommend you put time and effort instead and play games, complete squad building challenges, ace tasks, and advance in a season's rank to get new gold packs. 

Having gold packs in FIFA 21 is easier than before. You get them from completing a range of game types and challenges so the transfer market is flooded with gold cards. 

Get to Know Your Player

knowing your players' strengths and weaknesses can be the difference between winning and losing matches. Knowing your team also means learning the dominant foot of each player and having an idea of their skill moves and fitness level. This way, you have a better chance of completing passes or scoring goals.

Alternatively, if you're looking for more tips to become a better player, visit WhatsGaming.


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