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Your Earth Stone Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Each of the 12 Zodiac signs is associated with certain precious stones that protect them. They can be Birth stones, Earth stones or Lucky stones. These stones are the Earth’s gifts and they not only protect you but also help you to realize your true potential. They can also enhance your beauty and help you become a better version of yourself. There are many kinds of precious stones and each has unique characteristics. Do you want to know which is your Earth stone, as per your Zodiac sign compatibility? You can find out here. 

Aries – Bloodstone

Aries is a Fire sign and people born under these signs have a fiery and passionate nature. This Zodiac sign is ruled by the red planet, Mars, which is also the planet of war. Aries natives are ambitious and dynamic, so a stone that has a deep and intense color is best for them. Bloodstones come in shades of green and red. In many cultures, it is used to attract good luck and repel evil.

 Taurus – Sapphire

Taurus people are known for their calm and peaceful natures. This Zodiac sign likes to have a carefree life, enjoying material comforts and working hard to build a secure life. The sapphire, with its blue coloration makes a perfect gemstone for Taurus. Looking at a sapphire can induce feelings of calmness and peace, which are the things that Taurus also seeks in life.

Gemini – Agate

The Gemini person has a high strung nervous system. They are always busy doing too many things at the same time. Agate is a good stone for them as it can restore balance among all the chakras in their bodies. They can cleanse a person’s aura and bring harmony. Gemini natives are mentally very active. The grounding and calming influence of agate benefit them. The stone boosts courage and vitality and prevents energy drain and stress. As a stone of harmony, it integrates and balances Gemini’s multiple personalities Agate can help them in decision-making. It can also improve vision, remove fears, and stimulate the intellect.

Cancer – Emerald

A Cancer native is known for their sweet nature. They are sensitive and caring towards others, and try to make others feel good. They are very emotional, and relationships matter a lot to them. Emerald is the “stone of successful love”. It brings domestic bliss and unconditional love.  Emerald can stimulate the heart chakra, so it has a healing effect on emotions.  It can bring emotional, physical, and mental equilibrium, which creates harmony in life.  It can also sharpen psychic abilities and enhance mental capacity.  It boosts memory and gives clarity of thought. Cancer people are ruled by the Moon which rules emotions, so they can be very moody, and at times, lacking clarity in thought. For this reason, emerald is good for them.

Leo – Onyx

Leo is known for its confidence and courage. Onyx stone was used by warriors in ancient times, for this reason.  Onyx lends vigor and strength, stamina and steadfastness.  Onyx is good for those who are in grief. It gives better self-control, and helps one to make wise decisions. It can bring happiness and good fortune. Onyx is good for bone problems, and bone marrow and blood-related disorders.  Leo is prone to blood disorders. It is also good for feet and teeth.

Virgo- Carnelian

Virgo is known for its discipline, meticulousness, and efficiency. They like things neat and tidy. They are also known for their perfectionism. Carnelian comes in shades of orange and red.  A stabilizing stone, Carnelian boosts vitality and motivation. It gives courage and removes apathy.  Carnelian is good for overcoming negative conditioning.  It enhances analytical abilities and concentration. It gives calmness, emotional positivity, and a love of life. This can benefit Virgo natives who often have no work-life balance.

Libra – Chrysolite/Peridot

Libra is represented by the weighing scales which signify balance. Achieving balance is also Libra's primary goal in life. Libra does not like conflict. They want peace and harmony in life. They also seek love. Chrysolite/Peridot resembles the emerald but is comes in a darker shade of green. The stone is a good cleanser and can neutralize toxins on all levels.  It heals negative emotions like spite, jealousy, bitterness, resentment, irritation, greed, and hatred.  It can help overcome stress, guilt, and anger.  Chrysolite opens the heart to happiness and new relationships.  It boosts confidence and removes lethargy and indifference. Libra can be lazy and indecisive, and flit from one relationship to another seeking true love. This stone can help ground them.

Scorpio – Beryl

Scorpios are intelligent, intense, calculating, and have a deadly sting, like the scorpion, their symbol, when they are threatened or betrayed. Their intense emotions can either lead them down the path of madness or total isolation. Beryl can protect them from negativity and pessimism. It will help them relax and keep anxiety at bay. It can make Scorpio strong – mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Sagittarius – Citrine          

Sagittarius has a hunger for adventure, knowledge, and wealth. They believe in living life to the hilt and enjoy all that it has to offer.  Citrine can help them do that. Citrine has the ability to stimulate one's imagination, which helps one to acquire knowledge and wealth. Citrine can bring them luck and success.

Capricorn – Ruby

It's very hard to understand Capricorn. They tend to be aloof. Capricorn natives are also deep thinkers which adds to their mystery. The Ruby is a very hard stone and like Capricorn, not at all easy to crack. Ruby brings passion as well as a zest for life.  It motivates people and helps them set realistic goals, both of which are essential for Capricorn. Ruby also brings joy and spontaneity, which, too, dour Capricorn needs. 

Aquarius – Garnet

Aquarius natives are eccentric and original. They refuse to walk on well-trodden paths, and prefer to create new paths of their own. Tradition and convention are anathema to them. Garnet cleanses the chakras.  It balances and purifies energy, bringing serenity and removing emotional disharmony. It inspires love, which is good for Aquarius as they are often accused of being too detached. Garnet opens the heart, and can help Aquarius become more sensitive to other people’s emotions.

Pisces – Amethyst

Pisces is like Cancer, another Water sign – sweet and caring. They are emotional and very intuitive. Like sponges, they absorb other people’s emotions. This can be a boon as well as a curse. Pisces has a tendency to addiction. Drugs and alcohol are their ways to escape the harsh realities of life that their sensitive natures are unable to face. Amethyst can heal their pain and cure them of their addictions. This purple-colored stone brings serenity and calm, and reduces anxiety. They can absorb negative energy.

If you know your zodiac signs, you can find out your Earth stone, and wear it or carry it with you, always. This way, you can get to experience its benefits and healing powers in your life


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