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9 Reasons Why to Take Your Dog For Grooming 

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There are many dog owners out there that hardly have time to give their furry friend a groom. Grooming, however, is a principal part of your dog’s care routine. Grooming is way more than improving your dog’s cleanliness level and making them look good. It’s so vital that it can affect the physical and mental health of your dog. 


Many dog owners feel that grooming is a luxury; hence, they think it is unnecessary. Grooming is, however, not only beneficial to your pet but for everyone in the house as well.

Proper grooming practice gets rid of fleas, ticks, lice, mites, etc. It can also prevent many horrible health issues from developing. 

Let’s shed some light on ten powerful benefits of dog grooming-


1. Keeps The Feet And Joint Healthy

Trimming nails is a principal part of the dog grooming process. However, many dog owners overlook this, which could trigger severe discomfort for the dog. With long nails, your furry pal could resort to using the side of its feet to work. Your dog might also change its gait. This is a painful process that causes arthritis and bone deformation if not checked.

Make sure to check that the nails do not grow to the footpads. Trimming your dog's nail is essential, no matter how difficult it seems. This process involves keeping the nails at the right length and thickness to prevent long term damage.


2. Improve Smell And Appearance 

Grooming is a necessary process to get rid of the unpleasant odor from your furry friend. Most dog shampoos come with a pleasant fragrance and after the grooming session, they leave your dog smelling nice.

We all agree that the stinky dog house smells is a turnoff. With regular dog grooming, you can get rid of those foul odors and improve your dog's appearance. You can buy clothes to make your dog’s appearance attractive. There are many options available like Knitted dog sweaters, dog coats, dog clothes etc.


3. You Can Control Shedding And Keep Their Coat Healthy

Dog grooming involves a lot of processes. You can choose to bathe or brush your dog.

Provided you bathe your dog with the right products, it can eliminate old hair, dirt, and foul smell. Your dog will also be free of excess oil and get a healthy and shiny coat.

There are benefits of brushing as well, as long as you can make it a regular practice. Brushing improves blood circulation, which facilitates healthy living.


4. Strengthens The Bond Between You And Your Dog 

Without a doubt, spending time with your dog can improve the positive relationship between both parties. Bathing, brushing, and drying your dog is a tested way to build trust between the parties involved. Even though the process could take time, it can serve as a stress-buster for the dog and its owner.

In time as your dog realizes that grooming does not cause pain, it will be easy to handle various parts of their body. 


5. Helps Detect Any Health Abnormality 

There are times the dog might have developed bruises, cuts, abrasions, bumps, lumps, or swelling. Grooming provides the perfect opportunity to check their body and detect any hidden abnormality. These health concerns could be hidden in body parts that you do not check regularly.

While regular home grooming will detect dogs' health issues, it is not intended to substitute for a vet check. A regular appointment with the vet is key to a healthy and happy dog.


6. Prevents Fleas And Ticks

One of the fundamental reasons to groom your dog is to get rid of flea and tick infestation. There are dog flea shampoos specifically suited to getting rid of these pesky insects. Although grooming alone is not enough to combat these pests, it will go a long way to detect and kill them. 

Dog grooming, combined with other care routines, can help take care of dog flea and lice infestation.


7. Helps Prevent Ear Infection

Grooming a dog can help detect any blockage or other abnormality with the ear that could trigger other issues. Dogs love adventures.  As they play around, they could contract ear mites and other infections—besides, dogs with long and floppy ears at a greater risk. 

This is where grooming comes in. It can detect any issue before it graduates into severe discomfort.


8. Helps Maintain Dental Hygiene

Part of the grooming process for your dog is brushing their teeth. While brushing their teeth every day might be impractical for many people, you need it to maintain their dental health.

For dogs prone to gum decay and toothache, be sure to brush their teeth once a day. People with dogs at a high risk of periodontal disease or puppies with crowded teeth also need extra care.

With a healthy diet, you can maintain your pooch’s dental health. Make sure to work with your vet on developing a dental care routine that works for your dog. 


9. Influences Positive Behavior

On a final note, regular grooming can also influence your dog’s mental health. A good looking dog with a pleasant smell and a well-trimmed hair will feel love, happy, healthy and welcomed. 

Besides, taking time to care for your dog will send a message of love- translating into positive behavior.  



It’s essential to ensure that our pets stay attractive with healthy teeth via regular grooming.  As evident in the article, grooming is more than keeping them attractive. It is primal to their health and wellness. 

There are many things involved in dog grooming – bathing, brushing, teeth cleaning, nail trimming, etc. While this could seem overwhelming, it comes with many health benefits that will help you have a healthy and happy dog.



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