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Understanding Satvik Rajasik Tamasik Personality – How to Manage Tamas Guna?

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There are billions of people in the world; everyone having their own qualities and nature. However, they all are connected to astrology regardless of their belief in planets and the universe. Astrology connects humans with planets and helps us understand each soul with the help of twelve zodiac signs. So no matter how many people there are in the world, each person has one dominant zodiac sign.


Just like a person is connected to a zodiac in a horoscope (Rasi Palan), he is also connected to the planets. Each person has at least one dominant planet that influences him more than any planet in his horoscope. This dominant planet decides which types of qualities a person would cultivate. Different planets carry different energies that are Satvik, Rajsik, and Tamsik.


Satvik people are kind, gentle, believe in God, and eat vegetarian food such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains. These people spend time in nature, and they help people without the expectations of reward.


Rajasik people carry anger, restlessness, stubbornness, and they are self-centered. If they help others, they expect the favor in return. These people are more toward the materialism; they need other people and things to keep themselves happy. They can also savor non-vegetarian food.


People with Tamasic Guna have an unhealthy lifestyle and diet. They are known as lazy, and they feel lethargic most of the time. These people also practice black magic, or they do not believe in God at all. These people consume drugs, alcohol and crave for sex.


Gunas of Planets


According to astrology, every person gets a specific planetary position. A person gets the arrangement based on his past life karma. This planetary position decides which planet would be the dominant one with the native, and hence the native yields similar qualities to that planet.


Planets like Sun, Moon, and Jupiter carry Satvik characteristics since Sun represents the soul, Moon signifies purity, and Jupiter bestows a person with wisdom, faith, and spirituality.


Venus and Mercury are Rajasik planets since Venus always seeks pleasure in everything, such as love life and worldly things. Similarly, Mercury is Rajasic in nature since it craves for information to achieve the worldly things.


Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu are Tamasic planets. Saturn signifies laziness, depression; Mars represents anger, fight, passion. Rahu creates a feeling of obsession, desire, and lust in a person. Ketu means hiding the information or reality; however, Ketu is also Satvikwhen it brings spirituality and wisdom.


Gunas of Zodiac Signs



Changing your Gunas


One thing that we need to understand is that each person carries multiple zodiac signs in the form of Sun, Moon, and Rising sign. In the same way, multiple or two planets can be dominant at a time. As a result, a person may carry two Gunas together, such as Rajasik and Tamasik. 


In this case, a person should analyze himself and conclude which type of Guna is the most dominant. At times he may operate from Satvikguna, and later he may behave as having RajasikGuna. To attain the ultimate peace and happiness mentally and physically, one should always progress from being Tamsik to being Tajsik and then Satvik.


It is possible to bring changes and become a better person. A person with Tamas Guna dominant should practice Sun Salutation, Vinyasa, backbends, and balancing poses more than forwarding bends.


One should practice Pranayama to strengthen the connection of mind and body and improve mental and physical aspects. NadiSodhana is another practice that clears and purifies all the energy channels that are blocked.


Diet is one of the most effective factors in changing a Tamasic personality into rajasic and even Satvik. Leave or minimize the consumption of alcohol and such addictions. Do not savor non-vegetarian food and foods that are considered Tamasic. 


Try to include fresh fruits, juices, and vegetables in your diet, and minimize or eliminate refined, sugary, and over-processed foods.


To start practicing your Guna, you first need to know which zodiac sign and planet are dominant in your birth chart. Access Astropedia’s free birth chart calculator  and start your journey of transformation.



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