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Vastu Tips that Will Help You Get Married Soon!

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Many reasons may delay one's marriage. Vaastu Shastra of a home is one such cause that may bring your family under pressure because they cannot find a suitable life partner.

You can all a Vaastu Shastra expert to suggest you the most exact remedies as per the problem. However, there are some things that you can change yourself and make your home more marriage-friendly.

Let's get to know which Vaastu changes you should bring-

The Direction of the Room

If it is an unmarried girl, then her room should be in the house's north-west direction. If it is an unmarried boy, then the room should be in the west or south of the home. The Southwestern side also suits for the boy's early marriage.


Those who are looking to get married soon should use bedsheets that are hues of pink or red. In Fengshui as well, Pink is considered to attract love in one's life.

Sleeping Position

Sleeping in a way that your head is in the west and legs toward the east helps marriage proposals. If you have mirrors in the room, they should not face the bed as this disrupts sleep.


It would help if you put some red roses or jasmine in your room. However, throw away the flowers when they are old and dried.

Under the Bed Area

The area below your bed should always be cleaned. This helps to deprive the negativity away from home, and hence welcomes more positivity in the space. Keep all the belongings somewhere else, and throw away whatever is unnecessary. Do not keep shoes or any trash under your bed; keep it as clean as possible.

Other Vaastu Tips to Follow

Remove any water tanks placed in the southwestern sides of your home; they become a major cause of delay in marriage.

Never place your bed in the south-eastern corner of your house as it signifies the fire element, and when this dominates, then clashes in married life are natural.

Vaastu Shastra suggests that you use a wooden bed in your bedroom rather than metal beds.

The bed shall not be placed opposite of any door such as the door of the toilet or the bedroom itself.

If there is a bookshelf in your bedroom, place it in the west or southwest corner of the room.

Keep something peaceful in your room that when you enter the room, your gaze falls on it. It can be flowers, sculpture, painting, quotes, or any serene thing.

Keep the opening of the main gate in the left direction rather than right. Also, the door should open inside rather than outside.

TV and computers are not supposed to be in the bedroom. But even if they are, cover them with a cloth before sleeping.

Paint your bedroom's walls with light and soothing colors such as light blue, pink, or light green.

Don't hang paintings that are about cruelness, violence, or any such behavior. You can always use paintings that depict love or lovers.

The direction of a kitchen in a home also determines the relationship among family members. Kitchens in the south-east or north-west corner bring harmonious relationships in a family.

Ensure the sink and the stove are at a safe distance in the kitchen as both represent water and fire elements; both of these elements should be balanced.

According to Vaastu Shastra, placing a painting of Lord Krishna as a child brings joy between a couple and helps them with the conception.

Placing a crystal ball in the bedroom or near the bed channels the energy that stops the marriage delay. You can also place the lovebirds in the south-west corner of the bedroom as it helps the lovers or partners meet.

Vaastu Shastra can make life simple and set synchronization in the relationship between a couple. Follow these Vaastu tips to get married without getting delayed. 

Other than Vaastu, there may be some flaws in the Kundali of a person. In this case, consulting a professional astrologer lets you know the astrological remedies to follow and remove any obstructions because of your planetary position in the horoscope.



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