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Why tolerate nerve pain when you have Gabapentin tablets.

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Belonging to the pharmaceutical class of anticonvulsant or antiepileptic, Gabapentin tablets is the ultimate treatment for all types of nerve pain and other aches. It is the treatment for three categories including seizures for children above 3 years of age and adults, any painful rash, and prosthetic neuralgia (a nerve pain caused by shingles or herpes zoster).

You can find it in both categories as a brand-name drug or generic-name drugs. It is available in markets as a solution, immediate-release, or extended-release tablet.

It’s working:

Neuralgia: it reduces the pain sensations by decrementing the pain sensitivity.

Seizures: gabapentin raises blood calcium level to cure seizures as it is caused due to low blood calcium levels

Who should avoid taking Gabapentin tablets?

If you are undergoing any of these health conditions, always prefer to visit your doctor before continuing the medication:

Repeated acquaintance with behavioral changes may result in suicidal thoughts.

Proper dosage gives proper results

You can choose any prescription available in 3 doses based on strength: Gabapentin 400mg, Gabapentin 300mg, and Gabapentin 100mg. 

For the treatment of postherpetic neuralgia and epilepsy:

In the beginning, start with 300mg.

Increment the dose to Gabapentin 600mg on day 2.

For the third day, take 900mg in total (300mg thrice a day).

The maximum amount for neuralgia: 1800mg divided into 3 equal doses of Gabapentin 600mg/ day.

The maximum amount for epilepsy: 3600mg divided into 3 equal doses of Gabapentin 1200mg/ day.

Take the maximum dose only under doctor’s consultation.

For the treatment of seizures:

Children above 12 years: 300mg three times a day is advisable. If the doctor suggests, it can be increased to 2700-3600mg.

Children between 3-12 years: 12-15mg/kg children weigh-in three doses.

The maximum limit is 50mg/kg/day.

Prevent these side effects of Gabapentin tablets

Coming across these side effects rapidly is a red alert to visit a doctor. The main prevention must be of suicidal thoughts as it can be fatal. Follow the prescription the same as it is given by the doctor.

Points to remember about Gabapentin tablets

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