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7 Senior Products That Will Help Your Elderly Feel At Ease

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As you grow older, several health issues adversely affect your health. But does it affect how you lead your life? Once there is a will to continue along the path of wellness, there is always a way. There are numerous ways, gadgets, and everyday articles that can help you live more comfortably and better. Most of the innovations coming into the market today inspire the elderly to contemplate a hassle-free future of aging. 

This sector has already amassed around $7.6 trillion in economic activity, according to a survey. Moreover, the trend has continued to grow and can become double by 2050. From adult briefs to shower stands, the various products that ease a senior citizen's lifestyle can range from simplistic to the most advanced tech. Some of the products that will ease your troubles -


1. Smart Beds

For senior citizens with mobility issues, a bed can be a different complexity altogether. The usual course of movements, such as getting in and out of bed, can be extremely challenging for some. 

In such a scenario, smart beds can adjust the bed's height through remote-operated features that can facilitate easy ingress and egress. You can also extend the side rails, and bed stands to help you balance yourself while getting in and out of bed. Apart from these adjustments, the bed also has an adjustable remote-operated incline and footrest feature for your comfort and ease.


2. AI-Powered Robotics

AI robotics are powered by artificial intelligence induced intuition to help you perform various activities through simple voice commands. Whether it be asking for news or seeing photos sent to you through a video screen, the robotics can conquer all. Syncing and pairing with various devices and appliances around the house can help control simplistic features such as lights, drapes, kitchen appliances, etc. 

It can even help to initiate conversations to help you stay in touch with family and loved ones. Seniors can also program it to set reminders about medication or keep abreast of the outside world's developments.


3. Reclining Wheelchairs

Reclining wheelchairs are perhaps one of the most common and yet the most important articles for the elderly. Seniors who experience slight difficulty in joints or are weak after treatment might find it challenging to move around freely and comfortably. Pads in these chairs provide cushy support to the back and the hips. The elevated footrest is also an added feature for providing support and relaxation to leg muscles. As opposed to the rocky, metallic, and uncomfortable hospital wheelchairs, reclining wheelchairs ensure movement with adequate comfort. 

The safety features include breaks on both wheels, safety belts, and wheel locks. Some advanced wheelchairs come with an automatic movement with battery-powered controls and joystick maneuverability for self-help.


4. Neuro Virtual Reality

Virtual reality can be therapeutic for elderly and aged persons who have suffered a stroke or an injury to the brain or any other neurodegenerative disease. By using the VR techniques, rehabilitation for such patients can be easily carried out. It comes with its own set of customizable settings that can tailor therapy based on the needs and abilities. 

The gadget also records and monitors the physiological and kinematic signs displayed by the patient. Based on the responses, the patient's progress can easily be quantified on specific metrics over time. The VR technique can prove extraordinarily therapeutic and relaxing for patients suffering from intense trauma.


5. Smart Toilets

Smart Toilets are some of the recent most advanced technologies. These are toilet seats that can be fitted on any commode. This has built-in toilet sensors that can determine the identity of the user. It can also scan the toilet bowl to determine specifics of the excreta. 

Senior living managers can access the information and appropriately monitor your health. It can help sense preliminary signs of urinary tract infections, signs of dehydration, and other issues that often result in hospitalization.


6. Shower Chairs

Shower chairs with adjustable rails and frames are essential for older adults, especially those who have mobility issues. These chairs are of sturdy metallic frames and skid-proof surfaces that do not slip on wet surfaces. 

These chairs contain porous holes on the surface to allow excess water to drain. It makes them one of the most budget-friendly and practical options for older people. Their adjustable rails and frames can support your weight. Moreover, they also provide much-needed stability in slippery wet surfaces such as bathroom floors.


7. Smart Gadgets

Senior specific smart tablets and watches are some of the most exciting technological innovations of recent times. It does not come with unnecessary applications. Instead,  it consists of specific essential applications that can help you better. These products' features enable you to track and monitor your health conditions, such as blood pressure, heart rate, etc. 

Apart from usual leisure, it can also support essential calls, and email accessibility features too. More recent models support a built-in camera and large icons for those who have a visibility issue. Older adults can pair the tablet with many devices throughout the house and control appliances around the house.


Final Thoughts

Conclusively understanding the products entails an understanding of the needs and critical requirements. Based on these, adequate in-depth research can help you identify the best products suited to your needs and wants.


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