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General Free Websites for Students.

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45 day(s) ago (Server time: 13.10.2020 09:32:03) : LifeHacker aims to help its users out with life in the modern world. Popular tags include ‘Productivity’, ‘Money’ and ‘DIY’.

PdfEditor :

Edit PDF Online.

Itsalmo.St :

Cool Timer For Major Events Like Birthdays, New Year Or Anything Important.

Free Rice :

Donate Rice While Improving Vocabulary.

Unfurlr.Com :

Find Out Which URL Is Behind Any Short Url.

Deadmansswitch :

Send Emails Even When You Are Dead.

Although essentially one of many time-wasting student websites, MentalFloss is good for learning interesting facts from around the world, covering topics such as food, culture and science. Admittedly, its main function may be as a procrastination aid, but you should still learn something.

This student resource offers an alternative to TV (and, unfortunately, studying), hosting randomized videos on interesting scientific topics.

This site tells you the best times to go to bed if you have to be up at a certain hour – a very useful tool within student life. Taking into account regular sleep cycles, can help if you suffer from grogginess in the mornings.

If you struggle to stay away from social media when you’re meant to be studying, use KeepMeOut to block certain distracting websites.

Edx is one of the world’s leading MOOC platforms. MOOCs (massive open online courses) are offered for free to anyone wishing to learn. Other major MOOC providers include, and...

Coursera covers a wide range of academic learning, allowing you to supplement your studies with some additional knowledge.

Exactly what it says on the tin, has recipes for 4,000 quick and easy student meals. RecipePuppy allows you to search for recipes based on the ingredients you already have at home. Lazy students, rejoice. This is one of the most useful online student resources if you like making and fixing things yourself. You can learn anything from how to make spaghetti ice-cream to how to fix a broken shelf.

Duolingo.Com : Learn New Languages For Free And In An Interesting Way

Smallpdf : For All Your PDF Needs You Can Imagine.

Duolingo.Com :

Learn New Languages For Free And In An Interesting Way

Smallpdf :

For All Your PDF Needs You Can Imagine.

Pixlr :

Photoshop Your Images Online.

MailDrop :

Quick Disposable Email Address To Let You Sign Up At Not So Useful Websites.

Time Difference calculator :

check time difference between any cities of the world with your local city time.

The Ultimate Health Food Guide

This guide will be a lifesaver throughout student life for times when you’re feeling wrung out, stressed or ill. Whatever your ailments, visit this resource to find out what foods to eat to build your immunity and vitality back up.

WebMD allows you to check your current health status using its symptom checker. Although this resource is great for hypochondriacs, it doesn’t replace the knowledge of a real doctor – go offline and visit your university’s health center if you’re really concerned. Well-established consumer-to-consumer site Ebay allows you to buy, sell or auction off almost anything, including clothing, electronic devices and antiques. It could come in handy if your student budget needs a boost, or if you want to find some bargains. The Book Pond allows you to sell your old academic textbooks or buy the ones you need from other students who are ready to pass them on.

Amazon sells everything under the sun, including books, e-books and textbooks you may need for your program. However, its critics say it’s damaging to independent bookstores, so you may want to consider using your local store instead of always shopping online.

Gumtree advertises jobs, second-hand goods, properties and services for people around the UK. If you’re a student in the UK, it can be a good place to search for part-time job opportunities, look for accommodation, sell things you don’t need any more, or even swap goods or skills. The global version of Gumtree, Craigslist is big in the US and has many city/area divisions, so you can find listings close to you. This online platform allows you to give away your unwanted things or get your hands on what other people are giving away. Handy for furniture and general bric-a-brac. Groupon offers daily deals on things such as spa days, fancy restaurants and city breaks. It’s not exactly the place to go to for the essentials of student life, but it’s a good way to treat yourself at the end of a stressful exam period, perhaps. MoneySavingExpert has advice on everything from cheap flights to the best bank interest rates, helping your student budget stretch further. Free to use, Mint can help you organize your finances and track your spending. MyVoucherCodes offers vouchers and discounts for a huge number of retail stores and restaurants within the UK. If you’re in the US, RetailMeNot is the place to go. Just one of many student websites offering discounts, UniDays lists thousands of student discounts and offers around the globe. It’s free to join and also available as an app. WiseBread is dedicated to living well on a tight budget – whether you’re a student or just trying to get more for your money. It offers advice on everything from debt management to growing your own fruit and vegetables.

Youtube to Mp3: Tubidy is a free mp3 music downloader. Tubidy mp3 search engine is specially designed to download any video as mp3 and mp4 formats for free. TED hosts thought-provoking talks given at events all over the world on the core topics of technology, entertainment and design – but in fact covering pretty much every aspect of human experience. The TED site is where you can find all the videos of these talks. They’re another good procrastination device, but you may also find some inspiration for your next essay. Although your tutors will tell you never to reference Wikipedia in assignments, the collaboratively edited encyclopedia project can be a very useful tool for early-stage research into your assignment or project. Bartleby publishes classic literature, poetry, non-fiction and reference texts free of charge. Similarly, Project Gutenberg provides free online access to texts whose copyright has expired; so far, it’s digitized more than 56,000 texts.Wolframalpha.Com : Computational Search For Your Keywords

Quizlet : Free online flashcards for learning vocabulary..

Mp3 Quack: It helps you to download YouTube mp3 songs & music videos for free.

Diigo :

Collect, share,and interact on information from anywhere on the Web.

SimplyNoise.Com :

Just Plain Sounds To Help You Sleep.

Rhymer.Com :

Find Rhyme For Any Word! Cool Tool For Poets

QClock :

Find Local Time Of A Place.

Picasa :

A free image editing and organization tool from Google.

Reverso Conjugation This tool makes conjugated forms mistakes a thing of the past. Try it out.

Sentence Checker This tool is based on the legendary language tool and is extremely accurate.

Ginger Software Save yourself the embarrassment with one of the most popular softwares online.

Language Tool This sophisticated tool now covers Russian, Polish and more than 20 other languages.

Grammar Check  Grammar Checks online editor is the number one assistant for the clarity of your texts.

Grammarly Most widespread tool today is definitely going to be of help while doing your tense usage check.

Virtual Writing Tutor This tool will help you with anything from the word count, spelling check, paraphrasing to tense use.

Slick Write A tool of choice for many will literally make you write better.

Non Plus This smart grammar checker tool is just one click away to perfection.

Duplichecker Although it's primary use is for plagiarism checks this tool has you covered on tenses as well.


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General Free Websites for Students.

General Free Websites for Students.

Submitted 45 day(s) ago by jacklien

General Free Websites for Students.

General Free Websites for Students.

Submitted 45 day(s) ago by jacklien



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