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Stop letting nerve pain affect you, use Gabapentin tablets

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The all-time cure for nerve pain and other aches is here. If you are facing issues like:

Gabapentin tablets are one of the best medications to solve the above-mentioned issues.

For neuralgia:  It decreases the pain sensations by reducing the sensitivity to pain.

For seizures: The cause of seizures is the low calcium level in the blood. So gabapentin helps in raising the calcium levels.

This belongs to the pharmaceutical class of anticonvulsant or antiepileptic. You can search for it both as a brand-name or generic drug available in three forms: extended-release and immediate-release oral tablet or as a solution.

Before taking this medicine remember these health issues:

Consider taking gabapentin tablets when you are not having the following health conditions:

Prevent consuming these tablets in case of behavioral abnormalities as depression gives place to suicidal thoughts.

Prevent these side effects by taking proper dosage:

Taking improper doses can result in suicidal thoughts and can be fatal if not treated properly. Seek advice from your doctor when you come across any of these side effects of Gabapentin tablets. 

What is the correct consumption amount?

Choose the proper dosage among the 3 available doses: Gabapentin 400mg, 300mg, and 100mg, as prescribed by the doctor. 

To treat seizures:

Children (3-11 years): 12-15mg per kilo weight of children divided into three doses.

Maximum amount: 50mg per kilo per day.

Children (12-17 years) and adults (18-64 years): consume 300mg thrice a day. If your doctor advises increasing the dose, consider taking 2700-3600mg. 

To treat postherpetic neuralgia and epilepsy:

Take 300mg on day 1.

Increase it to Gabapentin 600mg on day 2.

On day 3, take 300mg three times a day.

The maximum dose for neuralgia: 1800mg (Gabapentin 600mg thrice a day)/day after doctor’s prescription. 

The maximum dose for epilepsy:  3600mg (Gabapentin 1200mg thrice a day)/day after a doctor’s prescription.

A high dose of Gabapentin 800mg is also available for the treatment of achy diabetic neuropathy and post-herpetic neuralgia.

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