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Chemcon Opens With Double Share, Subscribers Rejoice

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Chemcon Speciality Chemicals which has started it’s IPO listing with 318 Rs .

The Subscription was Closed and allocated on September 29th and Listing On BSE is on October 1st.

Today the markets Opened and its Price is Double it’s listing share and started with 730 rs and it’s going on.

The Lucky Subscribers who’s IPO listed for Chemcon are now jumping with Joy and are in Rejoice Mode.

Because they raise a bid for the bulk amount of the size 100 which costs them nearly 30,000.

But now the initial Listing Itself started with 730 rs which is almost double.

They also got immediate returns for the Money They Put and from now it Goes on Increasing .

And The money they invested will now become Triple Or Quadraple.


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