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Etizolam in the prescription of generalized anxiety disorder

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Starting with the properties that Etizolam is known to have are hypnotic, sedative, anxiolytic, amnesic, and skeletal muscle relaxant properties. If a person is undergoing some neurological disorders like sleep disorder or anxiety disorders like panic, depression, fatigue, irritation, memory loss, and mainly insomnia then Etizolam 2mg tablets are good to have for a single oral dose. Due to its sedative and hypnotic nature, its longer use is prohibited. Etizolam 2mg tablet once taken starts relaxing the body within an hour, but its activity is highest after 3 to 4 hours.

Etizolam not recommended for?

Dosage of Etizolam

The variants of Etizolam are 1mg tablets and 2mg tablets generally. This is mostly consumed orally either by swallowing tablets or taking it sublingually. Its dosage depends on the disorder.

For panic attacks: take 0.5mg twice on a daily basis

For anxiety: take 0.25-0.5mg twice on a daily basis.

For insomnia: take 1-2 mg on a daily basis.

It is advised that the maximum dosage must not cross 3 mg for protection from its side effects.

Few side effects of Etizolam

If you miss a dose once, do not double your dose the next time you take this medicine. Prevent overdose and longer use due to its sedative nature.

Due to these side effects, it is always advised to take doctor’s advice before taking Etizolam.

What is the price of Etizolam 2mg tablets?

The price of etizolam 2mg tablet price depends on the manufacturer. There are many variants of the tablets depending on the volume of contents. The price may vary from Rs. 26(minimum) to Rs. 127(maximum) depending on the retailers. Per tablet price is Rs. 7- Rs. 9.

Expert warnings for Etizolam

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