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5 Types of Wines Couples Should Stock Up This Lockdown

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We've all probably gotten used to the "new normal" by now. Whether we're shacked up into commitment,  missing our sweeties and planning a virtual date during a lockdown, or quarantined with our spouses; you've got to keep it romantic and exciting. Just because you're stuck under one roof for too long doesn't mean romance has to fizzle out. And nothing says romance more than a good bottle of wine! So while you're planning your next stay-at-home date, we've got the wine pairings to go with it. Here's a list of the five types of wines all couples should have stocked in their at-home bar for those lockdown nights.

1. Red Is Sexy


Rose wine is mostly considered the classic romantic of its caliber. Think about a romantic date, whether it's a first date or rekindling flames with your current significant other. What comes to mind? Candles, a fantastic dinner, sweet serenades (currently in your living room, more than likely), and without a doubt, popping open a bottle of classic red wine. A deep Merlot is like "the little black dress." Reliable, versatile, and forever in style. Let's face it, red wine is sexy, and when you're hunkering down with your sweetie for this long, you could use a little something to spice it up. Plus, red wine has some health benefits to it (other than releasing the love-bug hormone, oxytocin.) If you're not exactly a wine connoisseur, start with a merlot or cabernet—particularly CVNE's Cune Crianza, or Mascota Vineyards La Mascota Cabernet Sauvignon.  

  1. Stella Rosa, The Brand Of Youth


Stella Rosa might appear like a light, youthful brand, but it’s been around since 1917 (when it was the San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles.) Many people turn their noses up at Stella Rosa, as it doesn’t promote itself quite as ambitiously as other brands. That's why it's a seeming favorite for Millennials and younger couples, particularly popular in the United States. Stella Rosa offers a wide variety of fun, sweet, fizzy, and fruity flavors that are perfect for those summer nights with your partner. With flavors like “Rose Petals,” “Peach Pie Crust,” and “BlackBerry Italian Soda,” it’s enough to make you and your S.O. at least feel like you’re on vacation. Even if you are on your porch...six feet apart from your neighbors. 



  1. Hush Hush Sweet Chardonnay


If you like white wines, but lean towards a riesling rather than a Summery spritzer like Stella Rosa, you may want a dry German Riesling or a Chardonnay. White wines, in particular, are best served chilled. Nothing quite says Hollywood-Movie style romance better than having a bucket of ice nearby to chill your favorite white wine. This beverage choice for couples brings a sense of formality and decadence with it that can be invigorating—adding that extra passionate ambiance to that already elegant candle-lit dinner. Plus, white wines are light, pairing well with almost any meal, particularly pasta. Just like that famous scene in Disney's Lady and the know the one.  


  1. French Kiss Rosés


Rosés are seeing a burst in popularity this year. With sales on the pink favorite expected to rise as 2020 moves along, there are so many new favorites to try. Rosés have an edge to them that parallels their seeming sweetness. Like white wine, rosé is best served chilled. Just be sure to keep white wine and rosé separate. They don’t mix well! If you are feeling bold, serve it as the French in Provence and drink it over ice. Like the fruity fizz, Stella Rosa, rosé is a sweet, fun, romantic warm-weather type of wine. It pairs wonderfully with any meal of choice. One of the more popular brands this year is the Whispering Angel Rosé, but if you’re leaning on the cheaper end, you can pick up a bottle of Le Grand Noir Rosé for roughly $10. 


  1. Celebrity Champagne


Out of all the wine types, the hardest hit this year has been Champagne. This bubbly, festive wine hasn't seen the brightest days in 2020. Much of that has to do with the fact that it's a celebratory staple, and consumers aren't in that kind of mood. This reflected in champagne sales, which tanked at the first set of lockdowns. But that shouldn't stop you and your partner from going the extra cheerful mile. Champagne doesn't need to take a backseat in your date-night stock. Everyone should have a bottle or two of festivity no matter what state the world might be. We must celebrate, not only the big things but the little things too. To start, you don't need to drop $300 just to gain a jovial, romantic mood. You can grab a bargain bottle like Sparkling Brut by Saint Hilaire or the best of the best of 2020, Krug Grande Cuveé Brut.  




So there you have it! The five wine types every couple should have stashed away during the lockdown. Whether you are going classic, romantic red, fruity sweet (oh you sweet summer love-birds!), or going above and beyond with some bubbly, you won’t be disappointed. Even if it seems like there’s nothing to celebrate, there’s always something to be grateful for. Why not start with each other? Happy Tasting!


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