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How to Use The Live Track Feature in The Garmin Connect App | Toll Free No : +1 844-687-1001

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Use Garmin Live Track to track activities in real-time


Make your friends and family track your movements in real-time utilizing Live Track on Garmin Connectmobile. Garmin Live Track gives you peace of mind during workouts and makes your fans happy at every step of race day. Garmin support best live track feature according to other GPS.


Start a live track session

 Simply pair your compatible Garmin device with the free Garmin Connect Mobile app and enable Live Track for your scheduled activity. When you select Auto Start, all future scheduled activities on that device will automatically start the Garmin Live Track session.


Sharing your Live Track information 

Invite your family and friends by email, Twitter, or Facebook. They will receive a link to a webpage that contains the status of your phone or connected device. They will also be able to track the time, distance, speed, and altitude of your activity in real-time. Data from any ANT + sensor - such as heart rate or rhythm - can also be viewed on your live track page.


Live Track Garmin Connect Support users to share real-time information with friends or family from an external activity being recorded on a Garmin device.


• What information can be shared?

• What are the requirements to use Live Track?

• How do I set up Live Track?

• Helpful live track tips


What information can be shared?

The following information can be displayed within a Live Track session that is shared with a specified individual:

This information will be displayed by selecting the graph at the bottom of the live track map. And you can call Garmin support technical Team to get more information.


What are the requirements to use Live Track?  

Otherwise you can Connect with Garmin Support team they will assist you to use this feature.


How do I set up Live Track?

The following steps will install Live Track for a recorded GPS activity:

1. Open the GarminConnect app 

2. Access the menu o Android: select in the top left corner IOS: choose more in the lower right corner 

3. Select Security and Tracking (if not present, go to step 4) 

4. Select Live track 

5. I Select Consent 

6. Select devices.

7. Select the device for which you want to enable Live Track 

8. Selected (Android only) 

9. Select the session name to rename the live track session Under Share Web Link, add recipients to view your live track session 

10. It is a necessary step to start the Live Track session 

11. Select Start Live track, then start an activity on your Garmin device.

12. Use Auto Start to automatically start Live Track every time you start an activity on your device. This feature will be displayed for compatible devices. If this is not an option, then you have a device that does not offer this feature. Garmin Support team available for customer any time 24 hours in a day.


Helpful Live Track Tips

Below are suggestions to improve the experience of Live Track for you and the people with whom you share your activity tracking? 


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