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Copa Airlines Seat Upgrade Policy

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Many of you may have booked your tickets for economy class or premium economy and are now looking for an upgrade. It is possible that Copa Airlines might not be able to offer an upgrade to each and every passenger; however, it can consider your bid for the upgrade, compare it with others and offer you an upgrade this time. So, if you are looking for a comfortable and relaxing trip with Copa Airlines, then request an upgrade and relish the exclusive services such as a 3-course freshly prepared meals, alcoholic drinks and juices, 1000 hours of entertainment options, and cushioned seats and headrest for a sound sleep. If you haven’t got a seat during Copa Airlines reservations, you can request an upgrade 48-72 hours prior to the flight’s departure. 

Copa Airlines Upgrade Policy

Copa Airlines Reservations works differently from other Airlines, particularly for upgrades. They follow a set rule for an upgrade, which includes bidding and winning. There are three distinct ways to get an upgrade, which are as follows:-

Bid Upgrades

Under Bid Upgrades, you need to bid for a business class upgrade and mention your payment details. Once the bidding is complete, your bid will be compared with others, and if your bid is the highest, you will get an upgrade. The payment will only be deducted from your account once the upgrade is successful. 

Instant Upgrade

Copa Airlines allows customers to make instant payments and upgrade instead of waiting for the bidding process to commence. However, this option is only available or a few flights. There will be an option of Instant upgrade, by which you can make a payment and get an instant upgrade.

Upgrade at the Airport

You can also make an upgrade to business class by paying the additional costs at the airport. If there is a seat available in the business class and there are no bids left, you can quickly get a hassle-free upgrade. 

How Can I Get an Upgrade?

To apply for an upgrade, follow the instructions given below.

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