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How To Hit Website Traffic Through Instagram Stories

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Instagram is a completely visual stage where you can exchange your images, videos. Top companies use Instagram for their promotional activities and to expand their sales. Let us see how to hit website traffic on Instagram story


 Include Links to your Content

If you are using a business account, you can use effective swipe-up features to your Instagram stories with the conditions of having 10 thousand followers. It helps to include any links to your Instagram story, which is a great way to engage your professional website or online stores. On Instagram story, you can add photos, videos, GIFs, funny stickers to design fascinating stories. And motivates your audience to swipe-up  to click links. 

Make sure to add call-to-actions in the title "see more text" that will appear at the bottom line to bring your audience to your website through links. Avoid adding long text and include your link at the last line; it may be ignored. Because only when people click the call-to-action, they can view your link otherwise not. Add a visible link to your story.


Connect with your Audience

You may feel confused about posting what type of content to your Instagram story, or you don't have any idea what to post. At that time, you can have a look at your Dm. You have plenty of questions from your followers, and you can answer them directly with your website link. If you find repeated questions from your followers, you can post Instagram stories with all your answers and add swipe-up features. When you get Instagram Story Views, there are more chances for you stories to acquire a high position in others' story feeds. It helps to reach the top followers' rate and reach. 

If you don't find enough questions, don't worry, you can create a poll and ask them to post questions on what they want to know or what they are interested in.


Showcase your Story 

Highlighting is a powerful way to showcase your old stories in your account. You know that Instagram stories will be invisible after 24 hours. But you can give life to your story by highlighting them. You can group all your stories and divide it according to their topic, give title for that. It is a permanent method also if your followers miss any story can see here. When new followers enter your profile, you can find every highlighted story and get to know you.

You can use your highlight features to drive traffic to your website by following steps

  1. Create a first story highlighted with call-to-actions and ask your followers to click the link in your profile part
  2. Second, construct some stories that speak about your product, add information or blog 
  3. End up with these stories by adding call-to-actions and ask links to follow.

You can erase all the stories and links once your audience clicks the links when you have new stories to highlight them.


Analyze your Links

Use analytics tools to trace your link to find which links are driving more traffic. Which stories are best to get links. Google Analytics helps you to see which stories are working. You can follow that method and hit more engagement for your website.


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