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How to find good tutor for you?

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Tutor ratings are one of the best features of educational websites – they allow parents and students to quickly go through a large number of tutors and find the ones with the most experience. Some students want to find good tutor, another half try to find educational websites such as writemyessaysos, where you can buy your works for cheap or find good educational articles about how to write an essay or research paper! 

However, the rating system was always somewhat basic and just used a simple average of all ratings to sort tutors.

In practice this led to some less-than-optimal results.  For example….

A tutor with ten ratings and a 4.9 average was rated below a tutor with just one 5-star rating.

A tutor with one 5-star rating and three 5-star ratings had the same rank

To solve this I started investigating smarter ranking algorithms and eventually settled on this Bayesian rating system.

You can check out the details on that page, but the essence of it is that it you can become more confident about the rating when you have more votes.  So a tutor with few ratings will have their average rating discounted slightly (toward the site wide average), whereas you don’t need to alter the value as much for a tutor with more votes.

As you can see it leads to better results and fixes the two problems mentioned above.

Hopefully the new rating system gives some better results.


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