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Cleaning and Maintenance tips for Karndean Flooring

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No one wants to spend a lot of time looking after and taking care of their floor. Do you want to spend hours polishing your floor? A floor is made for living and to make your home look great. It should not create a lot of work for you and take away your leisure time. Karndean flooring is the best choice. These floors are made using such materials so that it becomes easy to look after them. These are hard-wearing as well. It is one of the prestigious flooring options, and using it you can protect your floor from spills of all kinds, everyday wear and tear, scuffs, etc.

You can implement a very simple cleaning regime for your Karndean flooring. Hence, Karndean turns up being is a great choice when you are looking for stylish flooring that requires less care.

Let us discuss a few tips that you should follow to ensure that your Karndean is kept in the best condition. The following tips will keep the flooring looking great for years.

● Protect the floor from scratches by using floor protectors - You should keep a check that you don't slide or drag something on the floor to avoid scratching. Heavy objects dragged along the floor will leave marks on it. You can choose to keep protector pads on the legs of your furniture items, and also chair legs. This will prevent your floor from getting scratches.

● Mop up spills immediately- If you have small children or a big family around, spills on the floor are very common. You know they will happen, and there is no way you can control them. Hence, it is important that you mop up any spill right away so that the risk of stains is reduced.

● Using mats will help - You can prevent moisture and grit from entering the space where you have karndean flooring. Using a doormat is a lot more effective for that. Use entrance mats so that people can wipe their legs feet before entering.

● Use heavy load castors to prevent indentation - You can prevent your flooring from indentation caused due to heavy furniture. It will ensure that karndean flooring stays looking brand new for longer. You can do this by using heavy load castors as well.

● Do not ever use bleach - Not even by mistake use bleach on karndean flooring. Avoid using bleach-based products as well. Using such products to clean your floor will cause discolouration, and the floor may turn slippery too.

Karndean has several cleaning products that you can consider using to prevent your flooring from damage to a great extent. Karndean flooring is pet friendly as well. They are durable, warm and quiet underfoot, and beautiful to look at. Karndean adds some elegance to your home.

To remove any loose dirt or dust, you should consider using a soft sweeping brush. Don't be too harsh on them and keep them well-maintained to make them last longer than usual. While you use steam cleaning, ensure that your choice of flooring is suitable for steam cleaning. Karndean flooring can be cleaned very easily and looks very pretty.


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