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How to Organize Up-Sell & Cross-sell on your Website to increase Sales?

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Want to increase your average purchase receipt?

You can increase the cost. Yes, some customers will disappear for a while. Then they may get used to the new price tags and return. Or not ... are you ready to take a chance?

And if you configure Up-sell and Cross-sell?

Increase not only the total purchase price, but also its value. This will increase your revenue and make your customers more loyal. After all, they will perceive your efforts as a gift, and not intrusive advertising. And everyone loves presents:

Up-sell and Cross-sell - how to turn them into a gift for customers

A. What are Up-sell and Cross-sell?
These are some of the most effective ways to increase sales. They are universal and work:

for goods, services, products;
for online and offline promotion;
for sales through landing and when communicating with customers by phone;
for small startups and large enterprises.
You know that selling an existing customer is many times easier than a new one. He knows you. He trusts you. If you advise him with a phone with more advanced features or an additional service, he will most likely agree and buy it.

This principle underlies Up-sell and Cross-sell. What is the difference between the two concepts ?

Up-sell : sale of a higher level of service or product is more expensive. For example:
your visitor wants to buy tickets for a concert in the fan zone, and you offer him upgrade to the VIP box;
if you are selling a phone, offer a product with better characteristics or a newer model - most importantly, the recommendation should be more expensive;
on the travel agency's website, place several hotel options with more stars or rooms in the same hotel, but with improved conditions and service.
Cross-sell : the sale of additional services or products that increase the total purchase amount. Back to our examples:
to the place in the fan zone you can offer souvenirs with autographs of performers: t-shirts, caps, rims, cups, posters;
add a cover, a memory card, headphones (with better characteristics than those included in the kit) to the phone, a protective film;
if you offer a trip, place on the page options for excursions, tickets for interesting events, souvenirs.
Where to indicate additional goods and services:

in the product card - use the side panel, a description (before or after the specifications), free space under the “Buy” button , a pop-up window after placing an order;
cart page - here you can also use the sidebar or the place under the description of the order;
thank you page - why not after a successful transaction offer your new customers an additional service at a very low price?
We figured out the place. But how to make an eyeliner for additional products. Do you also sometimes spend hours searching for a well-aimed word that will hit exactly on target?

How to write intro text: Up-sell and Cross-sell

Catch a few examples and apply them on the site:

You may be interested in these products.
Customers Who Viewed This Product Are Also Interested.
This product is usually bought.
Together cheaper.
They are chosen together.
Product of the day / week / month.
More X brand products.
Products in the same series.
Enjoy the benefits of a joint purchase.
You recently viewed.
Explain to visitors the benefits of purchasing additional products or choosing a more expensive product. In this case, the words “recommended products” may work worse. But it all depends on your niche, product, and most importantly, the target audience.

What can be used as Up-sell and Cross-sell

recommended products
If this is the first time you have Up-sell on your website, this is the easiest way to increase sales of the online store . Just pick up a few similar products with better features and a higher price and add them to the product card:

New products
Most gadgets quickly become obsolete. Not every person follows the appearance of new products. He has no time to browse manufacturers' websites or special groups to learn about updating the assortment. Therefore, the “New Products” panel helps you close 2 goals at once : to tell potential customers about the latest in digital and increase your average bill.

Popular goods
Rank products: by visit and by purchase. Use it on the appropriate pages. And do not forget to add the mark “TOP of sales” , as Rozetka does. This is one of the proven psychological tricks that makes a customer buy. Seeing such a yellow footnote, the visitor subconsciously trusts the choice of others and clicks on the product. After all, many people cannot be mistaken.


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