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bob roode


Bobby Roode: Biography, Achievements & Popularity

tracy roode

Bobby Roode, a professional wrestler, has a successful wrestling career whose achievement can’t be ignored. So, let’s try to know about his achievements. But recently, he was on the news due to his violating behavior and also got suspended for 30 days as he violates the WWE’s Wellness Policy.



Who is Bobby Roode?

Bobby Roode’s full name is Robert Francis Roode Jr. He is currently working as a  wrestler in the most popular wrestling organization called WWE. His higher education was from his hometown in an institute called Kenner 

The man who inspires Bobby is ‘Mr. Perfect’ Curt Hennig, a true legend of the wrestling world. After that, he started focusing on his wrestling career.  And by seeing his interest, his parents always supported him and that is how he becomes a renowned wrestler.


Personal Information

These are the personal details that reflect the personality of Bobby Roode





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