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Your Journey From Skinny To Healthy With A Weight Gain Diet Plan

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Are you tired of being underweight and do not know the reason behind that? Here is the answer; your fast rate of metabolism is the reason for the quick burnout of your body fats. According to Ayurveda, people with a swift rate of metabolism tend to have vata dosha and changing your dietary habits to following a healthy diet chart for weight gain, modifying your lifestyle and adding some herbal elements in your weight gain diet chart will surely lead you on the way to healthy weight gain.

Role of Ayurveda

Ayurveda uses only natural ingredients in its remedies and no use of chemically oriented drugs or commercial medicines is done. When you take up a healthy diet plan for weight gain which is Ayurveda, you will consume foods that will be free from any side effects. And, the intake of herbs or medicinal ingredients along with the weight gain diet plan is easy due to their powder or syrup texture. Since underweight people suffer from vata dosha, there is a specific amount of weight that you can gain, or else it might lead to obesity, and here is your list of ayurvedic weight gain supplements.

Ashwagandha Churna

It is one of the most widely used ayurvedic herbs for medicinal purposes and is called Indian Ginseng for its nature of being adapted to genetics. Being an adaptogenic, the intake of ashwagandha churna along with a healthy diet chart for weight gain can reduce your stress, and usually 100 grams of this is recommended to consume daily. And, when you are free from stress, your weight gain process will become quick.

Custard Apple

Now, don’t get confused with it being categorized as a fruit, it is also a very well-known ayurvedic remedy. When you include custard apple in your weight gain diet chart for daily consumption, you will notice a considerable weight gain along with improved muscle strength.


It is majorly used as a herb to regulate the production of hormones in women. For women who are facing difficulty in gaining weight due to hormonal imbalance, can consult an ayurvedic doctor for consuming Shatavari as it leads to weight gain and keeps your digestive system balanced.


Are you facing any loss of appetite? If yes then any ayurvedic chyawanprash will help you in increasing your appetite. It contains nutrients that increase your bone density, build muscle strength and improve your digestive system. And, this makes you feel hungry which in turn will make you consume more calories from the foods included in your weight gain diet Chart.


Yashtimadhu is famously known as Licorice Root and is categorized among the best ayurvedic remedies for gaining weight. Having low immunity can be a major cause of being underweight and weight gain through a Indian diet plan for weight gain, will surely fix it. Licorice root is known to increase the nutrient absorbing capacity of the body and also takes care of digestion. In addition to this, Yashtimadhu also helps in increasing your stamina.



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