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How to fix Gmail not working?

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Gmail is the web-based email service provider to share, transfer and gather information across the internet or across the globe. It becomes important for us to have well versed with the aspects of Gmail Not working

How to fix Gmail not working? 

Gmail or Google account is a single email account used in the android device for accessing all the online activities. Whether it is to send any important mail or watch youtube or download applications through play store. You can easily access all of these things with the help of one single Gmail account. A lot of times Gmail stops working because of unknown reasons and users face issues while logging in their accounts. If you are facing the same issue of Gmail not working then follow below-given steps to fix it. 

Reasons behind Gmail not working 

  1. Maybe the reason behind Gmail not working is the internet failure. If in case there is a network failure, you won't be able to access your Google account. 
  2. Similarly, Gmail also stops working if the app is not updated for a long time. 
  3. If you try logging in with a wrong password or if the account gets suspended, even then you won't be able to use Gmail 
  4. Also piled up cache or virus in the device prevents Gmail from working. 

Ways to fix Gmail not working 

  1. First of all, check your internet connection so that you can run your online applications without any hassle 
  2. Similarly, keep clearing all the cache files and cookies so that you can make space for all the new mails 
  3. Likewise, keep updating your application as well as the device to ensure its working smoothly and you don't face any issue. 
  4. Adding to it, try working on one application at a time. If you open too many windows at the same time then either your device will stop working properly or the applications will start hanging. 
  5. Remove and re-install the apps once again so that you can use the updated version. 
  6. Reset your device if needed so that the application can run smoothly. 

Consider and adhere with the above information to learn the easy approaches to fix Gmail Not working in a simple and easy way. If you require more information about the process you can call directly to the customer support team of Gmail.



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