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Poets should Seriously Promote his Work in the Internet

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1. 60 million people who make more than 30 million queries in search engines on poetic topics every month. The promotion of poetic creativity on the Internet is an integral part of the modern literary process.

2. It is necessary to spend time and effort on promoting the poet’s personal brand, and not on individual poems and creative elements. To promote a brand , you must first form it.

3. Formulate your goal, the mission of your poetic creativity. Understand who you serve, why you write poetry, who your reader is. Do you need a momentary recognition and delight of your environment or do you write real poetry - forever? Build a strategy for promoting your brand and only then choose the right online tools for promoting it.

4. The brand value is formed both through recognition by the professional literary community, and through popularity among readers. Sometimes these processes intersect and complement each other.

5. Using other people's Internet sites, integrators of poetic content , participating in poetry online communities , study the reputation of the sites. If the reputation of the site does not meet the goals of promoting your creativity, you should not waste time on it. Do not use sites with a dubious reputation. Among other reasons for the imperfection of the form of the newest poets, we will mention one more, about the excessive haste to process their works and write as much as possible.

We believe that poetic material insecurity cannot even be an excusing circumstance here, since it is very difficult to expect that it would be possible to raise sufficient funds in poetry, as can be expected from fiction writers, feuilleton writers, publicists, etc. It seems to us that poets should not to be carried away by the desire to write as much as possible, and not to forget in the highest degree the beautiful and noble rule


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