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Career in the Indian Film Industry

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The film industry is magical and a strong medium for influencing the society. With its mega power to capture the audience with its spellbound visuals and auditory, young minds find it irresistible and many are drawn to film careers. Without using the aptitude test for students, they flock to the tinsel town- Bollywood to follow their dream and in most cases, they are either under-prepared or do not have the required talent and skills for the artistic zone.

Here are few guidelines about the different departments that collaborate to make a film successful. Behind the glitz and glamour of the film industry, there is business strategy, creative writing, sound engineering, VFX, marketing, finance and accounting to name a few of the diverse team that cooperate with each other.

Screenplay writer - Once the story is available, it must be developed into a script which includes not only the dialogues but also the emotional, visual and auditory aspects of the storyline. It also consists of sketches of the characters, defining the personality traits, their relationship with others and their overall behaviour. If you wish to work as a screenplay writer, you need to be a great storyteller with good grip of the language. You can start with sharing your creation in various portals for writers like pennana and goodreads.

Cinematographer- This is a crucial role which coordinates with the director, cameraman, light men and actors to translate the script into visual art. They choose the type of lens, angle of the shot and light effect with the position of cameras and characters, thus they not only have to be technically sound but also have great storytelling skills. You can acquire the technical knowhow of the latest cameras but to sharpen your creative essence, you need to experiment, train under reputed cinematographers and build your portfolio. You can even start with your DSLR camera or a smartphone and make travelogues to get a hang about the visual medium.

Director – Though they are primary storytellers but must be technically sound too. They are solely responsible for the creative aspect of the film from choosing the cast members to production design, and of course the final product. They coordinate with cinematographers and direct every scene according to their visual style and technique. This sense of visual style can only be built with assisting senior directors and cinematographers.

Film editors – They have a crucial role after the film has been shot. They assist the director in creating an impactful visual story. They are like proof-readers of books, who cut unnecessary scenes to keep the audience enthralled with the storyline. Here again, you need to be a great storyteller with critical thinking skills. You can get good experience in this field by working in the ad industry, they are expert in translating a short story for the USP of the product in a limited duration of time.

If you feel, you have the creative talent to make your career in the Indian film industry, although not very sure about it, you can take the career aptitude test for students to gain clarity about your career goals. It is best to use scientific tools to assess your skills rather than waste your precious time and money in the wrong path.

career in indian film industry


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