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What is a VPN下载?

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What is a VPN下载? A VPN is a secure, encrypted connection between two networks or between an individual user and a network. VPN networks allow you to use the Internet while maintaining your privacy. To better understand what it is, imagine that the Internet is a virtual road, and we are racing along it on a bright motorcycle. We visit our favorite sites, shop in stores, check our profiles, get news from our chosen sources, play games, and so on. Anyone can track your movements along such digital highways and alleys. To see your actions on the Internet, find out who you are and where you like to go, just one glance is enough. Even worse, you can be followed all the way home. You leave footprints. VPN technology works like a cloak of invisibility-it masks you and keeps you anonymous. Instead of a light motorcycle that is easy to identify, you get a rental car with tinted Windows. You are hidden in encrypted data and securely hidden behind a different IP address. VPN technology encrypts all your actions on the Internet. Everything you send and receive. If you log in only through a VPN, it is not your original connection source that is visible, but one of the many VPN routers. VPN technologies help you get closer to true anonymity, without resorting to using the TOR network, in which the connection loops through a wide network of repeaters, constantly changing the position of actions on the Internet so that no one can focus on them. VPN networks do not use this Protocol, but they provide sufficient — and very important — protection during your journey on unregulated and malicious roads.


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