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When placing a longshot bet, trust your intuition; think with Casino Destroyer Review your head rather than with the heart and resist the temptation to go with the crowd. It is only when you tread the path less traveled that attractive returns on your longshot bet can be assured.

Never place longshot bets on horses that are taking part in a race for the first time. The position of the horse with reference to the starting post is very important depending on whether the race is a long haul or short distance. Get a close view of the horse if possible before the start of the race. If the horse is sweating or its bodily movements suggest nervousness avoid placing a longshot bet. Exotic horses are good for placing longshot bets.

Never depend on the jockey or horse that has won consecutive races. A winning record is no guarantee for victory in the next race as each race is a new beginning and involves various factors that decide the final outcome. Study the horse's past performance to know its racing pattern, style, form, class etc. Once you have done the requisite homework and zeroed in on a horse do not change your decision. Do not be influenced by the tote boards or betting odds.

All said and done, horse racing is akin to stock investments. You got to have knowledge, skills, intuitive powers, and analytical abilities but the courage to swim against the tide is what decides the outcome of a longshot bet. Learn the secrets to turning $15 very safely into $157.28 this afternoon by laying 5 highly secure place bets on favorites...


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oklek lah klo begituidd

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