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Living In A Heart Centred World - Are You Ready?

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I will explain further evidence of this in the next part of this article Dream Life Mastery Review series. Who created God. You are really the one that makes the decision of what you choose to believe. Either way the next article explains more on why this would be most probable. Wiccans venerate the goddess in many ways. A lot of the magick that takes place during coven meetings call upon the power of the goddess to shine from within or to grow in them. The goddess is everything to wiccans. The goddess is the nature, which is the source of everything that we need for striving in the physical world.

The importance of Mother Nature has always been a moral dilemma to us human beings. In recent times, Mother Nature had proven of her limitless power through hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods. Tragedy has struck us human beings because we do not clearly see the value of Mother Nature as the sole giver of sustenance of life.

Without Mother Nature, we will be nothing but beings on the road to continuous decay. Mother Nature has two faces; the provider of life to humanity, and the savage force that can destroy everything in the blink of an eye. Mother Nature is not evil from my latter point of view. Mother Nature in this sense is justice. We witches believe that the environment should be given great reverence and importance.

The fertile soil produces what we take in as nourishment, and the boundless oceans give us food and treasures. Exploitation of natural resources is something that we should stop immediately. Our selfish utilization is causing burden to our planet, and at the same time is an explanation of worldwide human suffering. If only we can stop our selfish ways, and start helping out with sustaining the beauty of Mother Nature.


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