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Arch Supports in Orthotics Relieve Foot Pain

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There are also a whole range of quite effective medial treatments Clear Nails Plus Review available ranging from medicated creams, antibiotics and, of course foot powders. Theres little doubt that antibiotics can be very effective against a fungal infection, but they are not a silver bullet cure - you also need to use them in conjunction with other methods. Some people cannot use these drugs at all, and no one want to take them for months at a time, so they are not always the best solution.

You still need to use the various anti-fungal powders, creams and ointments to completely eradicate the condition. Effective toenail fungus treatment also requires great hygiene, clean socks and often a change of footwear. You need to change your socks twice a day and keep your feet clean and dry at all times. It is often a good idea to wear sandals or breathable shoes instead of tight fitting or plastic ones.

Nevertheless, no matter which toenail fungus treatment routine you select to comply with, be it alternative or traditional, you should prepare your self for a lot of work more than a long period of time if you would like good results. But there is another option, and it's one to which an increasing number of people are turning - laser nail surgery.

This relatively new technique makes us of a high powered medical laser to instantaneously kill off the fungi in the nail. It's possible, in a single hour long session to completely eradicate the fungi that cause the complaint for good - compare that to months of work using traditional methods. It's a one-time procedure and it doesn't require any drugs, cream, powders or lengthy treatment regimes. It's suitable for children, adults and even the very old as it's non-contact and completely pain free. The results are also startling. You can see an immediate improvement and when the old nail grows full out - a natural process that can take several weeks - the results are a nail that looks like new. However, with an 88% success rate it is the single most effective toenail fungus treatment that you simply can get on the marketplace today.


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