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Lumbar Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injections

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Physical therapists and occupational therapists often use this Joint Complex 4000 Review technology to heal body tissues and improve our general condition as a whole. The two types of ultrasound therapy, thermal and mechanical, induce sound waves via a transducer head to penetrate the body and repair some damaged tissues. They also generate a relaxing effect that would best treat all possible sources of body pains.

Thermal Ultrasound Therapy induces continuous flow of sound waves in our body. These waves will cause vibrations and increase the body's metabolic heat as they penetrate inside the deep tissues. As the temperature magnitude heightens, it brings about healing of some damaged tissues by increasing the metabolism in the target cells.

Mechanical Ultrasound Therapy makes use of the pounding of sound waves generated by the device. When these pulses hit the body, the minor warming effect would cause some of the molecules of our body tissues to contract and expand. At this period, inflammatory response would lessen that will decrease the swelling of tissues and pain.

The type of therapy which best suits you depends on your needs. If you are experiencing muscle discomfort for a longer period of time, thermal ultrasound therapy will be used to promote relaxation. On the other hand, if the source of pain is due to tissue scar or swelling, you may experience great advantage when mechanical ultrasound therapy is used.


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