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What is Phacomorphic Glaucoma?

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While laser eye surgery can be used to treat a wealth of Sniper Vision System Review conditions, not all of them fall under the list of problems that the NHS is prepared to pay for. Some less serious eye conditions are considered unsuitable for help from the service and it is unfortunately up to the individual to decide whether they still want to go ahead with the treatment if they are rejected by the NHS. However, there are other conditions that the NHS is fully prepared to help with and if you are afflicted by one of them, you could be eligible for NHS funding.

If you want NHS help for your laser eye surgery, your condition must be at such a level that it can be considered 'essential' for you to undergo the treatment as your poor vision is seriously affecting your quality of life. Unfortunately, the NHS does not consider short-sightedness, long-sightedness or astigmatism as conditions requiring essential medical treatment and it is very unlikely that you will receive surgery for free if you are afflicted by one of these.

However, if you are suffering from macular oedema or diabetic retinopathy, you could be eligible to receive treatment through the NHS. The reason the service accepts applications for help for these conditions is because they are considered to be serious, progressive issues that will get worse over time and cause significant problems in the future, including serious loss of vision and partial blindness.

NHS funding is an excellent option if you are eligible to receive it but, even if you're not, it's worth talking to laser eye surgery clinics to find out what their payment plans are and whether or not you can arrange something that enables you to get the surgery without having to worry about the cost. Another consideration is the simple fact that, for many people, laser eye surgery is a life-changing procedure that hugely improves the quality of their lives, making the decision to undergo treatment one that should not be rejected simply on the basis that it can be costly.


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