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What is Type 2 Diabetes Doing to Your Love Life?

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Most people lose a lot of weight due to caloric control after these Blood Sugar Formula Review types of surgery, which usually cause your blood sugar and blood pressure level to drop. The cost of gastric bypass surgery is around US$50,000. While drugs and surgery can help some people with type 2 diabetes, for most a healthy eating plan, regular exercise and maybe drugs, is the preferred route to control your blood sugar levels.

Your body responds to both physical and mental stress by altering your blood sugars. Bad news or a personal challenge at home or work, can be enough to cause internal stress which can cause a high blood sugar reaction. Maybe taking a walk or talking to a friend or counselor will help change how you think and feel about the issue causing you stress. Contact your health care provider if you find your blood sugars stay higher than 180 mg/dL 10 mmol/L for one week or over 270 mg/dL 15 mmol/L for 24 hours.

A healthful eating plan does so much more than keep your blood sugar down, it protects your whole body. So if type 2 diabetes rages out of control, it not only damages your heart, it also attacks your nerves, your eyes and your kidneys. Some people with nerve damage have no symptoms at all. For others, the first symptom of type 2 diabetes and nerve damage, are often numbness in their hands and feet, or tingling or pain in their feet. Neuropathy typically begins with what is called the stocking and glove effect... slight numbness that starts at the tips of your fingers or toes. Because most nerve damage occurs over many years, mild cases may go unnoticed for a long. long time.

It is thought that the root cause of type 2 diabetes may lie in the upper part of your intestine. Food passing through your upper intestine causes your intestine to give off substances termed anti-incretins, which could work to make your cells less sensitive to insulin. Since the job of insulin is to help cells take in and use sugar, cells that are less sensitive to insulin do not take in or use sugar; the sugar stays in your bloodstream. In other words the secretion of your gut peptides is altered, enhancing insulin secretion and sensitivity in gastric bypass surgery.


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